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    Poll: Your view on parents spanking their children?

    Butter it up however you like, the fact of the matter is that you are literally threatening a child, who's mind likely hasn't even fully developed, with physical violence. In my mind, that is sick, cruel, and maybe even a little sadistic.
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    Poll: was i out of line?

    You do NOT, ever, under any circumstances, even lay a finger on a child without their parents consent. If the parents wish to discipline the kids, then that is their responsibility, not yours.
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    DELETED This. A song railing on the issues of today's youth, that somehow managed to get insanely popular with said youth.
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    DLC ideas for Skyrim.

    Maybe a visit to Black Marsh or Elswyre. I was always interested in the bestial races, its the only thing that even remotely separates the elder scrolls from any other fantasy setting. Also something with a main quest line that isn't complete ass.
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    MLP Season 3 Predictions Thread!

    My guess is that the premiere will spawn a slew of threads, followed by a bunch of insecure, intolerant, assholes to post a bunch of moronic, unnecessary hating comments. This will be followed closely by a bunch of equally insecure bronies to post comments about how we are an "oppressed...
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    "This **** will not beat me."

    Grand Theft Auto 3 ported on the Xbox. The controls were atrocious, not to mention the unnecessary timers on 90% of the missions. Seriously, fuck that game. Also, Gears of War. No, I'm serious. It was mainly due to the fact the game wants you to sit in cover like a good little boy, and play the...
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    Things You Can't Prove, But Believe

    I'm not trying to poke holes in your belief or appear condescending or anything, but I'm genuinely curious as to your belief on the existence of a god or god like being. OT: I believe there is no god, even though it can't be proven scientifically, in my eyes it seem even remotely probable.
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    What MLP episode should my friend watch?

    Alright, so I finally manned up and told my friends that I watch a show for six year-old girls and, unsurprisingly, was met with ridicule for the first month or tow. However, more recently, I've been able to coax a few of them into watching an episode, they're reason of course being so they can...
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    Poll: My personal disappointment with ME3

    While I do agree that the Cerberus writing in ME3 was pretty much botched, I still think that Bioware did a good job of making the good guys not all that good, they just did it in a different way. In ME2 they went for a shady organization, sort of anti-hero vibe. In ME3, they went for a feeling...
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    Games that genuinely make you angry.

    Grand Theft Auto 3 on the Xbox because the controls are an absolute NIGHTMARE, you cant control the camera and the auto lock goes to what your character is looking at, not what you yourself are looking at, so this frequently leads to you turning a nearby pedestrian in to swiss cheese while an...
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    What Shouts do you actually use in Skyrim?

    I use the summon dragon one and the inferno one. However, if I could invent a shout to use, it'd be one that made Skyrim enjoyable.
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    Old school fallout help

    There's only like 4 cutscenes in the entire game, so I wouldn't get too bent out of shape about it.
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    Two quick questions

    1) Yeah, but who gives a shit? I'm the same way, and speaking as a smug asshole, there's no problem being a smug asshole. Just accept yourself for who you are, and if people don't like it, then that's they're problem. 2) No, and I hate people who try and justify piracy. I may pirate stuff, if...
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    Did anyone else find the sex scenes in The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings to be hilarious?

    This is why sex scenes have no place in gaming. Sure, sex itself can be in it, but do something like Dragon Age 2 did with the Merrill romance or Mass Effect 2 did with the Tali romance where it fades to black just before any clothing is removed. Sex scenes always either feel gratuitous at best...
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    Brony personalities

    BluebellForest, I literally say that there's nothing wrong with that in the very next sentance. I have some classes with those people, and they're okay people, just weird. That doesn't mean I look down on them.