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    The Human Form: His and Hers

    A blonde with big jubblies? Yeah, not like there's lots of them around. I'm going to take a wild guess that you're straight, because having just finished watching Game of Thrones all the way through, I can tell you that I find Robb Stark to be one of the most attractive characters, possibly...
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    Best well written/designed sexy video game characters

    I like Miranda from Mass Effect because she's not a well written character who happens to be sexy, she's a well written character whose sexiness is part of her character; she was genetically engineered by her "father" to be attractive, which she resents because it makes her feel like none of her...
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    ...You're supposed to clean your PC?
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    The Tools of the Trade

    What the hell is up with Erin's right eye in the second panel? It's like it's phasing through her hair.
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    The best 40k trailer you will see all year.

    I actually really like the music, and even if I didn't, it would still be nice just for the sake of having something other than orchestral music or dubstep (not that there's anything inherently wrong with them, just that they're overused). It wasn't really a very accurate depiction of Space Hulk...
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    Miyamoto Refocusing on Hardcore; Casual Gamers' Passive Attitude "Pathetic"

    In fairness, he might have meant apathetic. It fits better with the context, and is an easy mistake to make if English isn't your first language (although the interview may have been in Japanese for all I know).
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    Books: can you recomend any Sci Fi with "Feeeeeeeemales" in it?

    The Gaunt's Ghosts books by Dan Abnett are really good military science fiction, even if you're not into 40k (they tone down the ridiculousness), and they feature numerous women fulfilling exactly the same roles as the men. The only caveat (besides the military science fiction part if you're not...
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    Continental Favourites of History

    Europe - The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars What began as a war between the newly created French Republic and the Austrian Empire became a titanic struggle with battles between hundreds of thousands of men that lasted 23 years and reshaped Europe forever. The French armies shattered...
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    I'm a rip someone off- Sword appreciation thread

    I'm a fan of hand-and-a-half swords/bastard swords personally. You can hold the hilt with two hands, which I think looks and feels better, but they're not so big as to be unwieldy or look over the top like greatswords. I own one, a replica of Longclaw. I also have something of a soft spot for...
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    Poll: Game of Thrones: Red Viper aftermath (no SPOILERS from the BOOK please)

    Well there are two main problems with it. The first is that a bow that large is ridiculous. No wood is that bendy, and for the string to be strong enough to be pulled back so far it would have to be as thick as rope, which would render it useless as a bowstring. It's plausible that the bow was...
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    Poll: Game of Thrones: Red Viper aftermath (no SPOILERS from the BOOK please)

    Oberyn's death does lead us into more plots and schemes, mainly in Dorne, but I think had he won the duel the result might have been more interesting, mainly because it would have kept the plot moving along at a somewhat reasonable pace. "The brother of the Prince of Dorne accuses Tywin...
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    Warhammer 40k 7th Edition Review - Through the Grim Darkness

    Wut? I'll admit I didn't discover 40k until the time of 4th or 5th edition (not sure which), but I'd be amazed if they used to be even more focused on the Imperium's perspective than they are now.
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    Leaked Game of Thrones Season 5 Casting Sheet Reveals Multitude of Martells

    The only one that's really a cause for concern is Trystane being aged up, considering he's betrothed to Myrcella, a child barely older than Tommen, and in the books they're of an age and get on quite well. It's sweet when they're both 10, but if one's about 12 and the other's 18... Arianna...