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    E3: BioShock Infinite

    They should make bioshock inspired movies / tv series like Lost's Dharma oriented.
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    Is E3 Worth It?

    Nothing new for PC...
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    309: Everything Good Old is New Again

    Thx to GoG no more dead floppies =)
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    GLaDOS Origin Story Told in Full Portal 2 Comic

    im tired too and feels the same =) ill be back reading when i feel like rejuvenated techno viking.
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    World of Warcraft Players Could Be Homeless Forever

    just give me bigger bags and im fine
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    Blizzard's New MMO Will "Blow People's Minds"

    After playing wow i couldnt play any other mmos cos ui and design always sucked and quitted them. Then tried the new ones, but no one reached near of it. So this is good news. A game that may reach or surpass that experience.
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    295: The Missing Pieces of Civilization

    As an addicted player of civ from 90's; Civ 5 makes me a sad panda.
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    275: I Punch the Body Electric

    I remember a Sega magazine they were trying to demonstrate flying kick in game with that activator. Btw still got the sonic poster from that mag on wall xD...
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    World of Warcraft Visual History

    50 maynus dkp :)
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    Editor's Note: Cataclysm

    Man... 6 years... 6 years of my life. If you spend 5 years in a different country you may be eligible for a citizenship... Give me a WoW passaport please ^^. It makes me sad. Because sometimes when i get tried from the rush, from the boss kills or tries, I usually escape to azeroth for a...
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    Rebecca Mayes Muses: Mass Effect 2

    Calm, soothing and mesmerizing.