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    Rumor: No Single-Player DLC Coming for Mass Effect: Andromeda

    so the fact that this whole thing was debunked mean nothing because Kotaku says its "sources" say the just of it was correct? you know the guy famous for screwing up stories and making shit up...........seriously guys unless EA or Bioware states it as a fact this is just rumor and conjecture. so...
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    Which fictional character would you like to meet the most?

    Rias Gremory highschool DXD (dont judge me damit!) not only is she hot but she's intelligent, caring and can make me a demon, whats not to like:)
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    #171: A Flash of Light

    if I had to guess this is a limit break or summon heal which tend to work a lot like wish does when you use it to heal in 2.5.
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    What are the top 3 best games of this generation so far?

    1. fire emblem awakening- still one of the best games ive ever played on a handheld. 2. Mass effect Andromeda- yes it has flaws but god dam if the combat and multiplayer arnt fun as hell 3. The Witcher 3- so not really a fan of this game but dam if CD project red cant make a great...
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    Rumor: Bioware Austin is Prototyping a Knights of the Old Republic Game

    so first off my two cent on ME:A for gods sake just rent the dam thing if your not sure the gameplay is solid and after the last patch a faces arnt half bad. OT: Not sure on this if it a rerelease of the old games in a better engine sign me up but with the MMO doing something after the second...
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    PETA is Angry that Nintendo Turned Cow Milking into a 1-2-Switch Game

    and this is why those people are not welcome in our city by order of the chief of police just like the WBC and the KKK:)
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    Bioware to Share its Plans for the Future of Mass Effect: Andromeda Next Week

    ok a few things; 1.did you play the game at all or just watch it on youtube? 2.if your response to number 1 was I just watched it on youtube kindly STFU. 3. if you have played the game (which I very much doubt) please remember this is NOT done by the bioware we know as this was made by...
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    8 of the Worst Kind of Players in Multiplayer

    um just want to point out that there are sometimes when "the camper" is actually the guy saving your team aka a good sniper can lock down a control point for hours if they are good.
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    Ubisoft Drops the Banhammer on For Honor AFK Farmers

    oh another ubisoft game that people have to exploit a system to get to the good part and ubisoft is banning people again for it. this will end the same way the division did, with a low player base that's not worth trying to get into.
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda's Multiplayer Tech Test Canceled

    well I can honestly say the wiki is wrong I hit 4100 ems without DLC or the multiplayer and this was several months before extended cut. I just did everything in game including scanning every planet and maxing out my ME2 play through(gives you war assets if you had enough minerals at the end of...
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda's Multiplayer Tech Test Canceled

    dear lord the amount of stupid and misinformation in this thread is just staggering. the MP in ME3 was done by a separate studio so they had no control over the story that was good save the last 10-15 mins which was mostly fixed with extended cut. now with ME:A the multiplayer is not "required"...
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    Hearthstone's "Year of The Mammoth" Removes 6 Classic Cards From Standard

    so I just keep playing wild then right? good to know
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    Mass Effect Andromeda Will Have Witcher-Like Meaningful Side Quests

    not gonna lie little worried because while the witcher 3 was a good game the side quest were, to put it bluntly, stupid time wasting bullshit that was needed to beat the game. I like games that respect my time but tell a good story, I don't like games that have side quests that take 4 hours to...
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    What Movie Trailers Should You Expect at this Year's Super Bowl?

    um man its the Atlanta falcons just thought you should know........
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    Rogue One - Star Wars Fan Service

    saw the movie and honestly loved it. the Tarkin cgi was acceptable and the leia one was rather hard to notice the first time through. still think this is one of the best star wars movies out there, not as good as empire but definitely better then a new hope, return and force awakens.