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    Marvel to Partner The Avengers With Guardians of the Galaxy in Team-Up Book

    Stop teaming them up with others, let them do their own bloody thing. Seriously!
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    Indie Dev Threatens to Kill Gabe Newell, Valve Pulls His Game From Steam

    Fuck all this stuff about the lesson being 'don't send death threats' the lesson is, don't type shit on twitter when your pissed off. Because other than in the literal sense, I don't see a death threat.
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    Crowdfunding Campaign Aims to "Besiege" Valve with Gabe Newell Impersonators

    I kinda want this to work, so then the game is released and because everyone's expectations are so damn high people are annoyed at it, and rather than blaming Valve, they blame these assclowns. That'd be nice.
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    World of Warcraft Subscriber Base Increases Despite Downward Trend

    Ok I need to ask because its been said a lot what way is this game dying?
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    Final Fantasy VIII's Gunblade Gets the Man at Arms Treatment

    9 nearly drove them in to bankruptcy? linkage please, never heard that'n before. But yeah I do agree, 8 gets a bit of a bad rap. I enjoyed it..mostly.
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    Wave Hoax Tricks Gullible iPhone Users Into Microwaving Their Phones

    well..hopefully they will learn to not be so damn stupid in the future. I'll just be thankful it was just a phone, and not something that could cause damage to other people.
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    Sons of Anarchy Review: Season 7 Is the Beginning of the End

    I need to start watching it again, I stopped watching after:
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition's Co-op Multiplayer Sounds Familiar - Update

    I was ok with this until I got to this part Why would you have it so someone has to choose a character rather than just letting them create their own? The nine premade characters seems to suggest that the three heroes for each class are going to be specific builds, given that customisation...
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    Donald Glover to Become (Animated) Spider-Man

    Thats cool, though now thats happening can we now get Michael Cera playing Shaft?
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    Escape to the Movies: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For - Bleeds Substance for Style

    I turned that off half way through. That voice is a deal breaker
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    We Need To Talk.

    True I guess, but then again given the fact she's the kid of the achy breakey heart douchnozzle that is Billy Ray Cyrus she can afford to be that ambivalent and I have a hard time finding the punk as it were in being too rich to care. I'll agree with you that mainstream punk is just utter crap...
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    We Need To Talk.

    I love you for starting this thread because I agree wholeheartedly with the reason for it. What do I think marvel will try next? Iron Hulk. Ok they wouldn't try it but I can dream can't I? If I were a CEO I would stop the abuse of old IP and actually make proper games with them. If my...
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    BioWare's Latest Franchise is Not Quite What We Expected

    Hey Bioware, we need to talk. Y'see this? This is gameplay. Your teaser trailer that tells me fuck all? Yeah, that's not gameplay. Your getting in to a bad habit doing this.
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    Poll: 35minutes of Witcher 3 gameplay demo (E3)

    God damn I'm looking forward to this game. Hype be damned. Also can I just say its really really nice to see a gameplay trailer showing actual gameplay.
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    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    I thought the whole Slacktivist thing was the idea of wanting to change something without doing anything other than saying you want said something to change? On topic: I don't quite understand what the relation between ALS and the Ice bucket challenge is, like is an ice bath used as a form of...