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    Zero Punctuation: Mass Effect Andromeda

    I think I'm happy enough with NieR:Automata.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Last Guardian

    Nobody ever pronounces ICO right...
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Streets of Rage

    It's actually "willkommen bei" not "willkommen nach". The rest sounded pretty solid.
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    Zero Punctuation: Salt and Sanctuary

    Fun fact: This game uses Google translations and forces players to use them by not providing a way to change the language. Unless you change your system language which is always fun.
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    Zero Punctuation: Stardew Valley & Superhot

    I just found this: But that's not where I read that first. I think it was somewhere on Steam about one of the newer titles Black Warfare Advances Ops (can't tell them apart anymore) because the story featured augmentations or something...
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    Zero Punctuation: Stardew Valley & Superhot

    Why is every game, even Call of Duty, "pretentious" nowadays again? I forgot. Which shooter was more innovative lately? I can think of any which would make this "disingenuous fake praise" actually accurate. It always easy to blame the game if you're just bad at it. 50 times? Trial and error...
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    Judging By The Cover: Ico

    14 years have passed and the word that it's pronounced "Eeko" still hasn't spread...
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    Zero Punctuation: Talos Principle

    The game is called "The Talos Principle"... Got the be accurate. You know what happens when you do something like this with The Jimquisition.
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    Day of the Tentacle Special Edition Announced

    Emphasis on "was". It wasn't available on PC at that time.
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    Day of the Tentacle Special Edition Announced

    Brütal Legend wasn't released on PC, Grim Fandango is hard to find and doesn't run on "modern" PCs, Day of the Tentacle isn't exactly common to find either. What a terrible thing to do something about that.
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    Malware Spreading via Steam Chats, Gains Access to Inventory

    I love how they lately started to use pictures of girls as avatars for their bot accounts.
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    Dev Who Threatened Gabe Newell is Back with Company Changes

    Assuming he was gone in the first place. Might as well went like this: "Yo Mike. Your pretended leaving of the company didn't cause Valve to put the game back so you can be an official employee again."
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    What if Goat Simulator Was an MMO? Free Expansion Coming

    And no. This doesn't mean it'll get actual online multilayer in case there are still people who don't understand that it'll never happen.
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    Report: Assassin's Creed: Unity Frame Rate Problems Across Consoles - Update That's a new low I guess.
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    8 Best Selling Games For The Xbox 360

    How is Black Ops an indie game? Activision is the publisher and they surely paid some money for it. I also think that game just had standard Zombies, not Nazi Zombies.