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    Bloodborne - the upcoming Gothic "Souls game" on PS4 with more aggressive gameplay (now footage)

    I'm going to pre-order this. No question about it.
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    I must now declare Dark Souls 2?a great game!

    I find it a better game than the first one in many aspects. A few places it has taken a step back, but not in any serious manner, it's more of a bad design choice. Looking at the Emerald Herald and Ancient Dragon here. I like that a fair few of the "bosses", are just big guys in big armors...
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    Addicted to Dark Souls

    I have probably 200 hours on the first game, and slightly less on the second one. Played DkS2 for 60 hours over the first four days or so. DkS is an incredibly addicting experience. ¨ I am already in super hype mode for Project: Beast
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    Your biggest "Fuck you" to the audience

    In the book he is impaled on the sword sticking through the mountain, by the mountain, who then squashes his head. He gets caught by the mountain because he is shouting and taunting him, sure of his victory. Quite different than the tv series. He simply just slips up.
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    The Order: 1886 Runs at 30 FPS for a "Filmic Look"

    Witcher is shit because it is about as aerodynamic as a bag of hammers. I played both incidentally and while the story is intriguing it plays like absolute shit on the pc. Have you played Metro? The first was a pile of bugs with more bugs on them who all had crabs. The second a much better...
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    The Order: 1886 Runs at 30 FPS for a "Filmic Look"

    Both Metro and Crysis were pretty games. Shit games, but pretty. Witcher was a pretty game, shit, but pretty. Hitman absolution, pretty, but shitty. The 7th gen didn't manage to meet expectations before the end of its lifespan apparently, not to mention one of the examples is not even on...
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    The Order: 1886 Runs at 30 FPS for a "Filmic Look"

    You just proved my point about the pc elitism. The Order is ps4, compare it to its peers on the same system. Regarding the last 5 year? Spend a few becoming an electrical power engineer, get a girlfriend, move in with said girlm and playing games on my ps3. Why? Does it have any relevance...
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    Americans Worry More About "Global Warming" Than "Climate Change"

    This is funny, and also reinforces the stupid 'murican stereotype. And therefore also slightly worrying.
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    The Order: 1886 Runs at 30 FPS for a "Filmic Look"

    Bold statement, but just that. A statement. Please tell me which games this is?
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    The Order: 1886 Runs at 30 FPS for a "Filmic Look"

    Apparently not. I'll take the improved visuals/physics and consistent 30 FPS over 60 FPS. The PC master race are just impossible to please. At all. Ever.
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    WAS Magneto right?

    If I could upvote this, I would.
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    Apparently I'm the worst kind of person on the internet.

    That picture is pure comedic gold. OT: Have you been planing on killing people? No? Then you're not a killer in the making are you? The picture is satire at its finest. It reflects on a part of the real world, specifically the part where an individual enjoys a series of things, is generally a...
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    Can't seem to get over a girl

    GFTOG - Go Fuck Ten Other Girls. By the time you're through with that you will have moved long past her. Also, delete her from Facebook, your phone and whatever service you employ that can contact her. Also, six months? Bro that is nothing.
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    Scared of Watchdogs

    It looks solid fun. There is a walkthrough on youtube you can check out.
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    Star Wars Saturation Point Begins: Standalone Film Announced For 2016

    I'm psyched. I love me some star wars, so bring it.