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    The Wild Life - Cinematic Excrement, Part Two

    Interesting. I completely agree that the trailer does nothing to make anyone in their right mind expect this to be any good in terms of story or comedy, but I wouldn't say the animation looks bad. It looks pretty decent - certainly not in Norm of the North territory. Just as good as Sausage...
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    Zero Punctuation: Deus Ex Mankind Divided

    I've always had a problem with racism analogies where the distrust is completely reasonable and understandable. The vampires in True Blood was a particular bugbear of mine. It is *rational* to be scared of vampires because they *actually kill people*. Fangophobia is not a civil rights issue...
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    Spielberg's BFG Flops at Box Office

    Me too, but I think they'd have big problems getting it made because of the safety issues. Any kid ingests a whole bunch of household chemicals in the hope of getting fireworks coming out of their mouth, the film makes would have a big lawsuit on their hands. (Obviously the same is true of the...
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    The Shallows - Finally, a Worthy Jaws Successor?

    Sounds good, but in the tally of good shark movies you missed Open Water, which sounds at least vaguely similar to this one
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    Remaking Old Games is a Fool's Errand

    I don't see why it would be hard for modern consoles to include emulators for older ones. I've got an N64 emulator and a PS1 emulator on my computer that I've used to play old Crash Bandicoot and Banjo-Kazooie games perfectly successfully. I suspect the biggest problem isn't making the consoles...
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    Zero Punctuation: Star Fox Zero

    It sounds like a box-set of Keeping Up Appearances would actually be a welcome addition. I had an interesting discussion with a guy at the counter in Game the other day, who was trying to convince me that VR was going to be huge very soon. And I said I'm still waiting to be convinced. When he...
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    This Giant LEGO Star Destroyer Has Room for TIE Fighters Inside

    I think the correct term is 'LEGO pieces'. I don't think you can say 'This uses 10,000 LEGO' any more than '10,000 LEGOs'. The very act of including a number means you're using it as a countable noun. LEGO can be used as a mass noun too - 'that's a lot of LEGO'. For example, in your sentence...
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    So, theres a new Wacky Races comic...

    Sorry, I think it's a great idea, if done with the right spirit. The tongue is clearly planted well and truly in the cheek, and I could totally get behind it. And that's speaking as someone who was a huge fan of the originals, which coincided pretty much exactly with my childhood.
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    Poll: The Bond Men

    I don't really think there's any way to say which Bond actor is the 'best' because they took different approaches in different eras. Connery was the coolest, Moore was the most fun, Craig the hardest and Brosnan the all-rounder. Dalton and Lazenby didn't really get much of a chance to prove...
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    Poll: The Bond Men

    And even then, it doesn't really make a lot of logical sense - Skyfall includes lots of shout-outs to older-era Bond that sort of imply it's the same Bond. I think it was intended as a statement of "Look, we know and you know that this makes no sense, but look! It's the Aston Martin!"
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    Has anyone ever made a Ski Resort Tycoon?

    Just returned from a recent holiday on which my son and I were discussing how awesome it would be to have a Rollercoaster Tycoon style game set in a ski resort. You would build lifts and decide where the pistes would go, and AI skiers would start using it. You could have skiers of different...
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    When Did You Stop Playing Cookie Clicker?

    I managed to get out of the habit, then my son clicked a few of those fuckers and got me right back on the wagon. I was just about to get out of it again when v2.0 was released and I got suckered fully back in. Currently it's sitting on just under 1 decillion cookies, with all upgrades, all but...
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    Search For Young Han Solo Actor For Star Wars Spin-off Narrows to Short List

    Can't they just dig River Phoenix up? He did a great job last time.
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    Punisher and Elektra Show Off Their Costumes In Daredevil Teaser

    I agree - but I'd also say that in general, TV is just generally an easier fit for comics. Movies are great for big spectacle, but TV is better for long-arc storytelling, which is what comics ultimately are. When comics are reduced to simplistic villain-hero beatups, basic love stories and a few...
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    Gods of Egypt Director Blames Critics For Box Office Failure

    Absolutely! Roger Ebert: James Berardinelli (Reel Views): New York Times: Even the less enthusiastic reviews are pretty good: San Francisco Chronicle: Empire: