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    Interstellar War and Xenocide Can Be Fun! (In Twilight Imperium)

    I really loved this article, and the flavorful way it was presented! I adore Twilight Imperium, and enjoy seeing it get some love. Moar! The Naalu Collective shall rise!
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    Protagonists you just can't stand.

    Vaan from FFXII. Also Tidus from FFX, but at least he has some interesting inner dialogue, and even though he can be a dumb jock, I feel like he's realistic. And, though it's not a game, the main character from Inuyasha. I HATE HER and it made me lose interest in the show.
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    Poll: Has a game made you cry?

    I used to cry every time I beat a freaking game. I cried at the end of Spyro 3. >.> However, as I've gotten older, that's lessened quite a bit. A few instances I can think of that are memorable: Every time I hear "To Zanarkand" from the Final Fantasy X soundtrack, I tear up. The intro...
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    You Just Activated My Trap Card!

    I'm not sure about many card games, but some tabletop board games you should look at are Small World, Arkham Horror (I've heard they are awesome) and Twilight Imperium. TI is the first real delve into tabletop boardgames I've taken, and it's an epicly awesome experience. But if you want to...
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    Games with good gameplay but terrible story that made you stop playing

    I would say Dragon's Dogma, but I played it anyway because it was more the writing sucked than the story. But the writing sucked a lot. I still like the game (guilty pleasure alert).
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    Do you preorder anymore

    The last game I preordered was Borderlands 2. In general I don't preorder very much, but I do on occasion when I have the money offhand.
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    Poll: Would you be interested in a Spore 2/Spore 2 wishlist.

    If they made it like the original gameplay video that came out, it would be epic. They changed it a lot to appeal to a younger audience. That being said, I would still like it if they didn't change the formula much besides obligatory generational improvements.
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    Games with great story but bad gameplay

    There are definitely some awesome exceptions. One that comes to my mind is The Legend of Dragoon. Just by adding the simple ability to create combos based on timing made it JUST interactive enough that it wasn't as boring to me as many turn-based games tend to do when I get around halfway...
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    Poll: Would you mind if Dark Souls had an easy mode

    In this particular case, I don't think it should. The appeal of Dark Souls is mostly IN it's challenge; it would be more generic if it was toned down in the slightest, methinks.
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    This Obsession With Difficulty is a Little Absurd

    It probably has a lot to do with people wanting to be able to do something that not many other people can do. So, people want to go out of their way to seem like a better gamer by sometimes playing crazy-hard games just to prove they can, and continue to want harder games to push themselves...
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    This Obsession With Difficulty is a Little Absurd

    I do understand why people enjoy a challenge, and most of the time I'm one of those people. However, there are some games that I DON'T play for a challenge, and I won't put it on a higher difficulty. What gets me twitching is when I hear "wow, you're playing on easy? You freaking casual."...
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    What do you think of Anarchy Reigns?

    I would like to second this inquiry.
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    Games with great story but bad gameplay

    I'm going to go ahead and say nearly every turn-based RPG. Mainly because of all the grinding involved.
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    Recommend me some books.

    Yes, so much this. I really need to read more Pratchett, but I love all I've read.
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    Recommend me some books.

    The Fade by Chris Wooding. He's a great author, and doesn't get much attention. Also anything by Anne Rice.