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    The Big Picture: The Boot, Part Two

    I'm guessing Sapphire and Steel never really made it in the States. Inter-dimensional operatives loosely based on the periodic table protecting the universe from the incursions and predations of Time itself. MiB, but with more thought and less action.
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    We Really, Really Don't Need New Consoles

    I do love the constant refrains of "Just keep the old console too" or "No-one's forcing you to buy the new one". Imagine the same situation in the 80's with music. In the beginning was tape (well okay it wasn't but bear with me) then came CD and now mp3, but imagine if the music you owned on...
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    Sony Announces Redesigned PlayStation 3

    Out of interest how can it be "Classic" white when the default colour scheme is black?
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    Share an interesting random fact

    Santa Claus wears a jacket with a hat; Father Christmas a robe with a hood.
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    Assassin's Creed 2.85

    I like the idea of the French revolution setting (Assassin's Creed: Revolution?) for the reason Yahtzee gives. Make the first half of the game taking out the Templar aristocracy and church officials and the second half taking out your own people who have perverted the Creed. In essence it would...
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    Name Game: Podi Puss Plural

    If you accept them as being English words than add -es as per the normal rules on pluralisation. Cactuses Colossuses ...and Geniuses and every native English speaker would understand you. If you consider them as from the point of view of where English first acquired them that would...
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    Warhammer 40k Observation

    If you're truly starting at the beginning then the continuing Horus Heresy (starting with Horus Rising) would be a good first read. It'll act as a good juxtaposition between how things were meant to be in 31k compared to how things are 'now' in 40k and are written with little prior knowledge...
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    help me with my project: what if gay were the norm and heterosexuality were taboo?

    Ignoring the obvious problems with such a society, social science is based on the assumption that people are people, will remain that way and are thus understandable. As such the world in terms of society will likely be pretty much as it is today. The UK's Daily Mail newspaper will be whining...
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    Extra Punctuation: Hating Warhammer 40k and Space Marine

    So of the current 270+ comments only about three address the actual issue - Is it a good game? Remove the franchise setting to avoid bias and it's repetitive, frustrating; not really innovative; and leaden as hell. Stating that it suits a 40k setting and that people who dislike it don't get...
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    A question for you Britons here.......

    To tidy certain points up: Speed cameras use a single camera to track a vehicle between two points on the road and determine its speed. Some CCTV cameras now come with both microphones and loudspeakers While I expect city centre cameras to be monitored during the 'peak hours of...
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    A question for you Britons here.......

    On the question of privacy - no. They're in public places or have been set up by private businesses in their own premises. Setting up a camera in an area that could be expected to be private without informing the users would be illegal. Does it bother me? Yes, but for specific reasons to do...
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    Extra Punctuation: Why No Couples in Games?

    Jackie Estacado and Jenny Ramano in The Darkness perhaps?
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    Report: Internet Explorer 9 Doesn't Suck

    Dear Microsoft , There'd be no need to prevent people from leaning on your wall if you hadn't made it out of tissue paper in the first place.
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    Surprise! Authorities Investigating Looters' Swag Pictures On Facebook

    If we accept that posting a photo of yourself with stuff along with the tagline 'Look at all the stuff I nicked' counts as a confession; then sure it's up to him to prove he bought it. It gets better though. Even if the CPS don't have enough to press charges HMRC can then ask him to prove he's...
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    What older games you think have aged rather well.

    I still play Soul Reaver on occasion; System Shock's already been mentioned, though I think the second has aged better in terms of gameplay; again Deus Ex has already been mentioned. Beyond Oasis/Story of Thor still entertains me as does Snatcher and the '97 version of Blade Runner.