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    Poll: 2014: The year of overhyped duds.

    I was really interested in Destiny and Watch_Dogs, until the reviews came out. Titanfall I bought for $5, it's pretty good but I feel like the base game doesn't have enough content for a retail release. Base + 3 DLCs feels like barely enough to ship at full price. It's fun enough.
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    Happy Holidays from Sony: The Interview Is Available Online

    When it comes on Netflix I'll give it a chance, I'm not paying any more than that for it.
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    How do you play Pokemon games?

    The first Pokemon game I caught all 150 Pokemon and found everything. Recently, if I play a Pokemon game I just play it single-player and damn the rest. I don't have time anymore, I'm a responsible boring adult now. I still haven't finished black so I can't buy Y...
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    Star Trek 3 May Be Fast and Furious In Space

    You know, I can only think of one worse choice and he's busy making terrible Transformers and Ninja Turtles movies.
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    Final Fantasy XV Trailer Reveals First Female Cid

    Well, it does look quite a bit different from any other Final Fantasy game style-wise. I'm interested. And yeah, that girl's outfit isn't that bad. I've seen woman actually dressed like that. Tidus' outfit from Final Fantasy X was much worse. he's wearing an open jacket with no shirt and...
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    Nintendo Confirms Work is Underway on New Consoles

    Every console maker starts on the next console just after releasing a new one. Everyone knows that.
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    3 Reasons Soccer Ball Droid BB-8 Is an Inferior Design to R2-D2

    The level Sci-Fi depth that Star Wars has is so deep that they can literally just make anything up. 1. What's rubber? Why would they have a substance derived from an Earth tree in a galaxy far far away? that droid is made of rollo-plast! The best material to make a spherical rolling droid out...
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    No Right Answer: Is Avatar an Anime?

    It seems like this thread diverges and anyone who speaks any Japanese is saying that it doesn't matter if the animated show is Japanese or not and people who only speak English are sure that it only means Japanese animated shows. It's fascinating that people care so much about this.
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    Zero Punctuation: Sonic Boom - Boom or Bust

    GENERATIONS WAS GOOD. This looks more like a Sonic Unleashed, terrible because they focus all on the "not Sonic" gameplay. I'm tempted to start working on my own Sonic rip-off. I'll have to change just enough stuff to not get sued but I can rip off the gameplay from Sonic 2 & 3 almost...
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    Capcom Shows Off Street Fighter V Gamplay Footage, Reveals New Character

    If you like Japanese games I suggest you trade in that Xbox One for a PS4, we're going to see a lot more of this from Japanese studios because Microsoft has managed to sell a grand total of 10 units to their entire country. You know, if this was any other series I would be saying "it looks...
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    Roberto Orci No Longer Directing Star Trek 3

    Really? I didn't realize that the first two Star Trek reboot movies even had a writer. I thought they just got all the actors drunk and then chopped together the results into a flimsy plot.
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    Photo Project Shows How AC Unity's Paris Compares to the Real City

    That's great and all, but how about the gameplay. You know, the game part?
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    Marvel Has Fantastic Four Reboot Cast Killed... In a Comic

    Classic Marvel, they're always been petty and cruel and plagued mankind with suffering! But it's still funny.
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    Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed: Unity - From Pirates to Paris

    It's not NEXT GEN anymore! It's CURRENT GEN! If you keep saying next gen over and over soon it will be all over and we'll have new consoles and what are we going to call those? Super Duper Future Gen?
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    Mini-Teaser Debuts First Footage of Jurassic World

    How does Chris Pratt find the time? I'm worried about this movie, every Jurassic Park movie has been worse than the last one. First one, Awesome. Second one, bad writing. Third one, terrible beyond words. I'm not sure how this could possibly be good, but I'm willing to give it a shot when it...