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    Poll: Petition to port Metal Gear to PC

    Revengeance is already ported, but that's done by Platinum, not necessarily from Kojima (I think). EDIT: I'm fucking dumb. I want to wait and see how good a port Rising is.
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    Reader's Choice Game of the Year Round 3 Voting Ends Soon!

    Of course it's going to be Bioshock and The Last of Us, that's like the Superman vs Batman of games this year. Shame, since my bracket only had one off so far. Good for the games, though, I guess. Papers, Please and AssCreed making it as far as they did was still a surprise, even if they were...
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    Are you a Rocker? (Rock Band / Guitar Hero)

    Would probably still be playing these games if I didn't lose the middle part for my Ions, and then the next day for some reason not caring to replace it. I loved those things to death. It actually may be somewhere in my shed, but I think that's stretching. I'd need a new pedal (because the...
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    An interesting difference between men and women

    You also have to kind of note in my experience I was blatantly looking for it, and it's also inconsistent and sucks ass.
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    An interesting difference between men and women

    Learned about something like this in Psychology class in 10th grade, but the example we got was: Wife: Why don't we ever just talk to each other? Husband: What? We are talking. Women supposedly generally see a typical conversation as a transfer of feelings in an almost telepathic way...
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    Assassin's Creed IV: Freedom Cry Screens, Launch Trailer Revealed

    I'd like this concept better as the ACIV spin-off or something. It seems like the neatest ideas for Ubisoft are shoved to DLC (unfortunately understandable). That George Washington shit was wacky.
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    The Walking Dead Season 2-Episode 1: *UNBLOCKED SPOILERS INBOUND*

    Hell of an opening. Killing Omid right out of the gate like that was a bit cheap, but did it's job. Interested to see how this new group develops to see if I'll care about them enough. That stitching scene, need to talk about it, Jesus I felt that shit from here. I'm not sure a 9-year old...
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    What did you think of the VGX?

    It was a decently attractive disaster, rather than just a disaster. Joel McHale was taking the piss out of it the whole time, he obviously didn't care about the show or the terrible jokes that were written for him. You could tell he cares about the games, being how involved he was during some...
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    Help me pick a game to buy for the Steam sale!

    How about you just buy Papers, Please and just forget about all the other games. Sounds like a plan Stain.
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    Submit Your Bracket Prediction - Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2013

    Dead Rising 3 vs GTA V. Totally perplexing moral choices here.
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    Unskippable: Time & Eternity, Part 1

    "love-sick love-birds" As a home-sick home-resident myself I feel like I can truly relate to the main characters.
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    Where is the sexism in GTAV?

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    That loud BUUUUUNNGHHGH noise in movies

    I feel it's more of a "BWAAAH", not a "BUNNNNNGH". That sounds like cryptically yelling "Bung", which is kind of gross, when really it's more of a horn sound. Anyway, I don't really prefer when the noise is used, I just think it's kind of ugly. It can be cool, of course. It's also a trailer...
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    An evil magic baby suddenly births out of you; what would you do with it and what would you name it?

    How do I know it's evil? Is it cartoonishly evil like with red eyes, red skin, a moustache and a top hat? Since evil is defined by one's actions and babies hardly know what they're doing, why in the world would I call it evil? Well, obviously I'd have to shift my entire set of views on the...