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    Zero Punctuation: Splatoon 2

    Happy 10 years of reviewing Yahtzee! You've been certainly going downhill!
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    Life is Strange - your thoughts

    That's because he's the only one who doesn't enable Chloes garbage.
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    Life is Strange - your thoughts

    I have played the first hour of The Wolf Among Us, after watching the Best Friends LP of the game and finding it quite cool. Sadly, I realized that I already saw everything the game had to offer, since you only influence that game to very limited degree. Watching them on youtube is way better...
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    Life is Strange - your thoughts

    Thank you. I still advise you not to continue on this enterprise. It is a very real waste of your time.
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    Life is Strange - your thoughts

    I don't understand how this visual novel got so many awards. It genuinely baffles me.
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    Life is Strange - your thoughts

    There's a rather nasty custom in chilean prisons. Since, naturally, you can't consume alcohol inside the facility, prisoners take a rather nasty alternative. They ferment garbage they find, whatever it is, and drink the resulting liquid, which is dubbed "P?jaro Verde" or "Green Bird". It is...
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2017

    He said it in his Strider review, I think, besides mentioning it in one of his drown outs/lets plays. I really haven't seen a single Metroid fan defend Other M. The only person I've seen defending it is the luminary of philosophy, Bob "Meritocracy = Right Wing Ideology = Bad" Chipman himself.
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2017

    I wouldn't say fanboy really, no Metroid fanboy would ever admit to Castlevania being better than Metroid.
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    A Genie comes to you and gives you three wishes. What do you wish for?

    I wish for conscious probability manipulation.
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    Poll: Which do you reckon is coming first? Half Life 3, or Beyond Good and Evil 2?

    Neither. Both games are memes at this point and nothing more. One developer hasn't released anything of worth for some time now and the other just showed a CGI movie that has absolutely no game behind it. If Borderlands 3 flops then probably Gearbox will try that. I'd love to see Randy's face...
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    Best, Worst and OK of E3 2017?

    Worst: Almost everything. It was shit all around, like last year. The best thing was Devolver's conference, mostly because it was the only thing with the slightest bit of self awareness in the conference. The rest was trying to pass garbage as the new hotness, trying to scam us all with the paid...
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    I'm chilean, so due to our health regulations we don't have a large selection of cheese (can't sell products made from non-pasteurized milk). We do have local variety of cheese (specifically, a type of Gouda) called Chanco, which is pretty good, not very agressive but with anough taste...
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    Far Cry 5 Teaser Trailer Welcomes You to Hope, Montana

    How many districts will I have to liberate? How many towers will I have to climb? These are important questions. Don't remind me that STALKER 2 will never happen. It'd be sweet to have an open world FPS set in siberia with interesting and crazy slav weapons. Make the secret weapons some of...
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    Life is Strange 2 confirmed.

    Good writing would be a nice addition on top of some gameplay for the sequel of this visual novel. Congrats, you've finally become old. See ya in the grave.