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    How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town - Shock, Scandal, and Awe

    Yo, I just finished watching this after seeing this article and I really enjoyed it. Never would have even known about the film otherwise, so thank you for that!
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    How to improve Pokemon

    I would change nothing as each generation consistently sells well and to make too drastic a change risks losing that. I argue that Pok?mon needs not be reinvigorated at all as it is one of the only consistently fresh (while being ridiculously samey) franchises around. I guess if I had to...
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    #089 Hellfire

    I appreciate you immensely for this
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    Doom's Single-Player Campaign Lasts 13 Hours

    I'm looking forward to the speedrun community cutting that down to 16 minutes like Dark Souls.
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    Bravely Second's Demo is 10 Hours Long

    I want it. I want it so bad. I w- I should finish the first one soon...
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    Winners of this Far Cry Primal Contest get to Sleep in a Cave

    How many watchtowers do we have to climb in order to pass the training course?
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    Cheek biting while gaming and suggestions on how to stop.

    It's actually quite a weird thing, as I cannot go long without a drink. Unless I'm gaming, apparently. I can drink a gallon of water/tea/whatever in no time at all, but when I play, I can go hours without really needing anything. But I'm making a conscious effort to keep a large bottle of...
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    Cheek biting while gaming and suggestions on how to stop.

    I'm in the top 1000 players in the world in Swat in Halo 5 right now, and that can get extremely intense. Just like raiding in WoW did haha. I've contemplated lollipops, but I'm still also fighting to cut out a lot of bad sugars and I'm not sure if it would be worth it even for that little...
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    Cheek biting while gaming and suggestions on how to stop.

    All of these suggestions seem like good things to try. It appears that the fact that I normally do not have water or any sort of drink nearby while I play might be a problem, since my mouth is hella dried out after a long session. I may couple the rubber-band thing with just making sure I am...
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    Cheek biting while gaming and suggestions on how to stop.

    So I've been an avid gamer all my life. I play very competitively sometimes, and I get very tensed up while playing a close match of any kind. With this, comes the cheek biting. It's not a painful thing at all - not at all like when you miss the food in your mouth and chomp down hard - but...
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    "Bone-Conducting Headphones" Are a Thing That Exist Now

    I'm not allowed to listen to music at work because I have to be able to hear when the machines go down or if someone is trying to talk to me, so this sounds like an outrageously genius invention for someone in my position. I assume that things like my situation would be why these were made...
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    #029: Conflict

    Grey was going on and on about this on twitter earlier and I couldn't get a chance to read it until I got out of work, but damn, he was right. Cory outdid himself on the art here, and I'm so impressed. Great job, guys.
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    Honest Game Trailers: Splatoon

    "Please remember to paint your base, and walls do not count as territory." Yep... Is there an in-game share feature I can use? People need to see this at least just for that part.
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    BioWare Cancels Shadow Realms RPG Development

    "We're abandoning our new IP to churn out more sequels." And the community, oddly, is ok with this? I'll never understand the current state of gaming, I guess.
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    Lawnmower incident, iirc, is the excuse used by guys to say that the kid wasn't theirs, that their girl got pregnant from riding on a lawnmower. Kinda like the "tractor story" from Seinfeld where the girl got gonorrhea from riding a tractor and definitely NOT her ex.