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    Zero Punctuation: Sonic Forces

    No one seemed to care in so many of his past cartoons when it came to Dolphins and Horses so I don't see why it's suddenly an issue now when hedgehogs are arguably about as attractive as putting one's dick in a toaster
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    Zero Punctuation: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

    That's probably because Coco came second and was really just a little-sistered back-down of "Tawna"
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    Zero Punctuation: Hollow Knight / Dead Cells

    Ever since the whole Call-of-Duty / World-of-Warcraft generation took over, I haven't considered most games being published as real games specifically because they're all aimed at this more casual audience who simply won't make time for the 100+ hours it takes to reach the upper Skill Ceiling...
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    Zero Punctuation: Pyre

    I think there's 2 very specific reasons the "basketball" gameplay didn't resonate with Yahtz: 1) It's all about "Zoning" while he enjoys neither Fighters nor RealTimeStrategy ... 2) From gameplay I saw on letsplays ... the A.I. just isn't quite robust enough to stop most "Cheezy" player...
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2017

    ...which I would defiantly argue was exactly the amount of acknowledgment both of them deserve Boy I wish we could upvote comments on this site...
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    Dear Valve: Please Fix Steam in 2017

    I haven't opened Steam in 2 and 1/2 years.... I just keep installing free Korean MMOS.... .... :\ ....I want to die
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    Zero Punctuation: Let It Die

    >suda51 >> "Indie" oh my
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Wonder Woman

    something in the vein of WWF is a good idea.... they should just sell the IP to Luchadore Underground if they're not going to use her to her full potential
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    They both exist down to the cellular level, yes.... but Depression itself is not caused by an external Radioactive bombardment, Nor is CANCER able to be overcome by rewiring Pathological Cognition. Habitual mental patterning DOES affect your brain down to the chemical level and actually...
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    Back in Your Hole

    the irony of the very country who's culture ignored Trademark law the most for the sake of Artistic expression ... being home to the company that's quickly become the biggest Trademark and Copyright-claiming killjoys in all of American social media. ...just because it was already the norm...
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    Dream the Impossible Dream

    I dunno but I'm pretty sure there's just one guy who had the monopoly on them b/c no one else ever made that stuff until Undertale came along
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    After you've completed everything there is to do in an open world game, your character is dead.

    Most openworld games (unless they're always Online and Massive Multiplayer) never instilled a feeling of containing life to begin with. The vast majority of Console openworlds and even a lot of PC ones lately are just the natural evolution of those old 1980's Point and Clickers that bored...
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Pokemon X and Y

    You guys have really let me down.... the commentors I mean, not Escapist. 1 minute in, he mentions "the Pokemon Company" and I immediately came here expecting a wall of nerdy corrections despite the reality that nintendo itself is still 1/3rd of its joint ownership
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    Zero Punctuation: Furi & Song of the Deep

    yay he finally covered Furi! ... and I only had to beg for its coverage the previous 2 weeks before he predictably got around to it regardless. quick turnaround by ZP standards .... edit: oh and a bonus dolphin reference, he knows what his fans have come to expect!
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    Zero Punctuation: Inside & Shadow of the Beast

    Well put, well put. And I was really expecting more from the Escapist audience than that string of Diatribes above. for instance? REASONS? Issues? Maybe not actual facts, but FFS atleast admission that yes, Yahtzee has typically always errored on the side of individualism. And...