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    Namco Bandai Beams Up New Star Trek Game

    I quite liked Deep Space Nine: The Fallen, which is probably the closest relative to this newcomer out of existing Trek games.
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    BioWare Letting Fans Choose Mass Effect 3's FemShep

    What the hell? They don't even have the Shepard I've played 1 & 2 through with as a choice? I thought the short-haired (not buzzcut) red-headed badass was the default. Out of these options, #1 easily, although for some reason I don't have a "Like" button on the FB page so my vote doesn't even...
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    Joss Whedon Looks Back Over Dollhouse

    Whedon wanted to withhold his name from the final movie. I believe the final cut has one line of dialogue that's from his desk, the rest has been redone quite a few times by several writers that came after him.
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    Smile and Nod: GTA 4: The Best Game I've Ever Played

    It looks good, but not mind-blowingly so. It's more a case of there being so much. For instance, the buildings are not cloned and there is a lot of traffic and pedestrians, the draw distance is vast, the lighting is always great, no matter the time of day... The animation is great and they have...
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    Defending the Villain

    I literally cannot understand the thinking behind force-feeding me "don't copy this movie" propaganda when I start up a DVD I've bought. I already bought it, you idiots! Movies are so cheap these days, I don't see who would rather go to the trouble of downloading them. If you pirated the movie...
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    Harmonix Responds to European Rock Band Pricing Uproar

    We were quite prepared to pay whatever it took, but this is too high. Luckily the 360 Guitar Hero III's Les Pauls we already have are far superior instruments and work very well with Rock Band and I already have a USB mic, thus I just need the drums and the game. But those alone total 160 ? -...
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    Review: Alpha Prime and Shadowgrounds Survivor (PC)

    Interesting view there, but I do feel it's a little far-fetched. I'd say at least the Shadowgrounds follow-up was developed for Steam, not particularly Europe. And for the most part, we do play the very same games as Americans do. Yes, there are some Euro releases (mostly French) that might...
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    Ubisoft Threatens Legal Action Over Derogatory Cartoon

    I really don't get all the Jade Raymond hate. She's a producer. Sure, Ubisoft probably noticed that she was popular when her name came up in several Assassin's Creed stories, which resulted in more publicity, but I don't think they ever played up the fact that she's a woman.
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    Preview: Shadowgrounds: Survivor

    At $10, it's a bargain. Go for it, if the concept appeals to you at all. There's little that could go wrong. Hoping to pick up the follow-up. There have been so many relatively high-concept, big-budget games lately that some very straightforward alien action sounds appealing to me.
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    Sony Happy With Ratchet PS3 Sales

    Ratchet & Clank is the first PS3 exclusive I've truly enjoyed, with no ifs, buts or caveats. Top stuff, and I didn't think I would enjoy it. I had not played the previous iterations of the game on PS2. Definitely get this if you have a PS3.
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    Crysis System Requirements Revealed

    That's not so bad. My over a year old, mid-range PC should run this adequately. Processor is close to the recommended (AMD 64X2 4200+), I could do with more RAM but hey, wouldn't we all, GPU is low-ish but still a generation above the minimum. I really expected to just maybe boot this with...
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    Halo 3 Limited Edition May Be Very Limited

    Oh man, such a letdown for many. :/ I guess they'll make it right, but more waiting for some. I'm glad my review copy is a standard retail version (with the promo covers, though).
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    Review: BioShock

    The game does rock a lot. I've been telling some good bits (yes, spoiling it, to a degree, but I've neer been anal about spoilers) to people who haven't played it yet, just to make them curious. One thing that hasn't been mentioned in reviews is that the game is an almost direct copy of...
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    What have you been playing lately?

    I've been playing FF XII (PS2), Resident Evil 4 (PS2) and reviewing Elite Beat Agents (DS), Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition (Wii), Blue Dragon (360), Bioshock (360), Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (PSP). Phew, that's actually quite a lot, I'm usually only playing 1-2 games at a time! Next weekend I'm...
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    The Escapists' favorite free games

    I always need to bring up Kenta Cho in these discussions: Of his shmups, Parsec47 is probably my favorite, along with the undervalued noiz2SA. Recently though, I've been playing Travian and Sim Exchange. The latter especially is very interesting...