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    Feed Dump: Coffee and Kittens

    This is Feed Dump, not Rage Dump.
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    Feed Dump: Dads, Drugs and Cricket

    I...I want to see this sexy costume of Kathleen's. "Jumblees"
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    Project Holodeck Creates "Accessible" Virtual Reality

    Bah. This is just a VR system. They have existed for years.
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    3DS XL Will Be Nintendo's Last 3D System

    I like the 3D. It's a nice feature that doesn't hold development back, as the 3D effect is simple to implement. Once again I think Nintendo is failing to realize that it isn't the console, it is the lack of titles that hurts their market. Where was the Mario game at the release of the 3DS...
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    Square Enix Finally Confirms PC Final Fantasy VII

    But.... didn't FFVII get a PC port years ago? It was back during the Windows 98 days.
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    Mount & Blade Dev Returns to the Golden Age of Piracy

    I like Mount & Blade. I enjoy Pirate games. I'm gonna pee myself with the idea of the two combined. Yohoho! Bring me my rum!
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    Quantum Conundrum Review

    I had a lot of fun with this game. Kinda wish it was longer, but I did only pay $14 for it.
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    Zero Punctuation: Dragon's Dogma

    If it helps, do remember that if a Pawn gets really annoying, you can pick them up and toss them off a cliff. Also, did anyone else noticed how often female Pawns would be near naked near the release of the game? I swear perfectly good Pawns would come back without clothing and suddenly...
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    Square-Enix Still Isn't Remaking FF7

    I like to interpret this as: "We can't make a remake because it would show we used to have talent years ago, and we don't want to overshadow the unexciting games we've been pushing out lately. Once we stumble on making a really great game again, then we'll make a remake."
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    Space Janitors: Deck Crew: Tools

    A Star Wars spoof with a Star Trek and Doctor Who reference in one episode? Win.
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    Guild Wars 2 Preview

    I'd have to disagree about it being shallow and simplistic. This may be more about the Elementalist's gameplay, as it was the only class I played during the beta weekend, but I found that I needed to take diversity in my skillsets seriously. I was expecting to build up on Fire and Air for power...
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    Guild Wars 2 Preview

    You can still "Evade" an attack if it hits during your dodge roll. You don't get the distance away you may like, but good timing could avoid some enemy's power attack. Did a bit of that dealing with Ettins.
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    Notch Unveils His New Game

    I am so glad I learned to work with assembly languages back in college. All that suffering with MARIE will finally be worth it.
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    State Legislature Attempts to Tax All Digital Downloads

    Personally I have no issue with state-based internet sales tax. With the popularity of online purchases versus in-store purchases, states are losing sales tax revenue, which means they'll eventually either need to deal with online purchases or increase local income or property taxes. And I...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Ways To Do Your Taxes

    Tax forms seem to burn really quickly.