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    Controversial Tropes vs. Women in Video Games Series Comes to an End

    Personally? I blame Kotaku and Polygon for her fame. They put her on a pedestal.. and the things they reported about would be taken up by any other gaming website as gospel. What alot of people here tend to forget was how the big gaming websites pretty much entered a symbiotic relationship...
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    Dissing Mass Effect Andromeda because it has diversity and equality

    Is there a trans character in the game? Are you telling me that they have unlocked the tech to travel to another galaxy... Yet havent figured out how to swap genders better then what we have currently? Why ARE there even "trans" people in the future? Isnt the whole "trans" identity only...
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    Nintendo Switch Uses a Standard Tegra X1 Chip

    And then there are allways the oh so sassy complainers about complainers... the circle of forum live in all its glory eh? On topic thought it seems Nintendo just couldnt dedicate itselfe fully to this console.. at all. First its shizophrenic handheld/home console gimmick that i have a hard...
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    So apparently JonTron is a racist

    Everybody who is "white" nowadays is being called a racist... Especially by "progressive" racists... So you have actual racists who excesively use identity politics (wich is a nicer word for a mix of racism/marxism) to segregate people into "safe spaces" use the racist card to shut up...
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    Report: Nintendo has Sold 1.5M Switch Consoles Worldwide

    So a Wii 2.0? Tons of sales and then gathering dust in everybodies home till they decide to take it to gamestop for a trade in only to find out that the amount of trade ins made the console pretty much worthless? Sounds about right.
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    John Carmack is Suing Zenimax for $22.5 Million

    Hmmm... who do i believe? Rocket science guy that helped make modern gaming what it is today.... or a soulless corporation whose hell bend on destroying said rocket scientists career?
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    The Price of Hearthstone Packs is Going up in Europe

    Not to mention that besides the development cost there is no use of resources or production process since these cards can be duplicated ad infinitum, so no additional costs for blizzard that would warrant increasing the price for their "cards". They simply decided that their stuff should be more...
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    The Mass Effect: Andromeda EA/Origin Access Will Limit Your Access to the Campaign

    Why are people paying for EA access again? Demos? Werent those free in the past? Nah... must be my imagination...
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    World of Tanks Streamer Dies During Charity Marathon Stream

    Uhm.. guys? You might take a step back here from assuming that the cause of death is gaming related? According to the article the cause of death is yet unknown. Could have been anything from a heart disease to him falling down the stairs.
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    Here are Videos for the 18 Revealed 1, 2, Switch Minigames

    Full prized game ladies and gentlemen... for this price you could get darksouls 3, the new mass effect, for honor or anything else that is more then a bunch of tech demo mini games cobbled together. I think they are trying to get the people that bought a Wii way back when motion controls...
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    Kojima On Nintendo Switch: "It's The Gamer's Dream"

    Kojima must be smoking some good shit nowadays if he believes the switch will be more successfull then the Wii U
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    Nintendo's Princess May Be In Another Castle

    And microsoft as a company is healthier as nintendo as a company and is a bigger global player then nintendo can ever hope to be... Youre comparing subdivisions to entire companies as if all microsoft and sony are doing is console development. Apples and oranges mate.. apples and oranges...
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    Scalebound Trailers Are Disappearing From YouTube

    Huh.. the only interesting looking exclusive for the xbone and they cancel it... microsoft ladies and gentlemen... But halo wars 2... yayyyyy... the excitement -_- I mean.. halo.. cant have enough of it right?
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    Hearthstone Devs Want to Be More Open, But Are Worried About Harrasment

    Heres the issue: You are in theory exposing yourselfe and your opinions to the entire world when you go on a publically accesible forum on the internet. (Something that alot of people nowadays seem to forget when going online) The world is a big place... and sadly there are alot of people...
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    Carrie Fisher in Critical Condition Following Heart Attack

    Ah crap... 2016 strikes again... wheres batman when you need him?