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    Zero Punctuation: Extinction and Attack on Titan 2

    But where is he going to find a trained pet spider to work the buttons? /on topic: Little more hate for Titan AE than I care for but to each his own.
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    Poll: Your Favorite Final Fantasy after 7

    I say 10, not necessarily because I thought it was the best but it was one both my dad and I played through together when it first came out. After that, he started a new game and proceeded to overhaul the sphere grid and max everyone out over the next 260 hours of gameplay. It was a bonding...
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    Would you upgrade? (980ti to 1080)

    I went from a 660Ti to a 1070Ti...well worth it I think, though I really need better monitors (1440p IPS, 1080p TN, but both are 60Hz).
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    Has anyone tried to buy a new graphics card lately?

    Tell me about it. I bought a 1070Ti when they first came out and broke my personal record for priciest single PC component. I don't regret it though.
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    I'm surprisingy engaged by a mobile game, of all things.

    I play a lot of Final Fantasy: Record Keeper. Very free-to-play friendly, the game has regular events that give out Mythril almost like candy. The gacha mechanic is rather forgiving now that when you make an 11x pull (50 mythril as opposed to a single pull worth 5), you're guaranteed at least...
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    Spambots constantly on this forum

    They're looking for those one or two marks out of thousands of potential targets of their spam. If they reel those one or two in, the spam campaign turns a profit. Spam, whether in email or forum posts costs virtually nothing to make and distribute, so it doesn't take much for it to be...
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    Zero Punctuation: Injustice 2

    I'm way behind and still want to get the first game. On the fence about the second. But the "cloyingly stupid" face bit made me giggle like a stoned moron.
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    What things irrationally scared you as a child?

    I was born in 1982 and thus remember when television really began using fancy graphics for station idents and TV show vanity plates. Certain ones would freak me out when I was about 5-6, such as the CBS eye logo and the ABC circle logo. Weird part was it was only certain logo/background color...
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    Nintendo Switch SD card recommendations?

    I picked up a 128 GB Samsung microSD card today for $35, seems to me like the best balance of price vs. capacity, for now at least. I do generally prefer physical copies of games, but I'm not above the occasional digital download of a retail title, and once the Virtual Console comes to Switch...
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    Why you should buy Nier Automata: the 24 hour review

    Well, if I can pull myself from Breath of the Wild to play it (I picked it up yesterday), I'll sit down and play it. I want to but Zelda's got 100% of my attention right now.
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    So...Final Fantasy 15.

    About three hours in (Might be rushing, but I do want to find more sidequests). One of the little things I dug was being able to play tracks from previous FF games while driving. Oddly, Cindy's voice doesn't really annoy me though. Seeing product placement was a bit surprising but not...
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    Zero Punctuation: PlayStation VR

    I could see myself getting a PSVR if Elite: Dangerous comes to PS4 supporting it. Why yes, I AM too cheap to upgrade my PC to support Oculus Rift.
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    Miyamoto Shows Off The Legend of Zelda, Discusses Starfox at Game Awards

    I was throwing money at the screen and nothing happened. On topic, yeah, if there's plenty to look for and do in this massive world they're showing us, we're in for a real treat. Also of course, psyched for Starfox.
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    Poll: Your presence on the Escapist.

    I'd say I don't exist. Of course, I so seldom post that it's hard to think I would be visible.
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    Zero Punctuation: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - G.I. Joe Villain Kevin Spacey

    Funny, too that a friend of mine brought this over last night to show me; got through about half the story campaign in two hours or so. Gave me more reason to watch this week. Anyone else actually press F at the end of the video just for reasons?