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    WayForward Announces Watch Quest - an Apple Watch Exclusive RPG

    This will be the first mobile game which won't force players to use microtransactions so they don't have to wait day's to regenerate lives/resources because the battery will go flat before you get to use them all.
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    #003: The Level Aquatic

    It took me this long to notice that was the Normandy
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    #003: The Level Aquatic

    HalfLife Symbol on her hand and episode 3 = HalfLife 3 confirmed.
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    Hugh Jackman Says he Will be Wolverine "One Last Time"

    Should have him and Spiderman in Avengers 3
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    Battlefield: Hardline DRM Locks You Out For Hardware Changes

    Utter clickbait, Headline that made it seem if you upgrade your PC in anyway you lose your $120 Hardline Premium account and it turns out only if you try to use that account on 8 different PC's in a short period. The Escapist journalism is quickly becoming either links to other sites or...
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Is The American Dream A Sham?

    You do realise there's never been a communist state on run to true communist ideals right? confusing dictatorships and fascist police states with communism is a trick coined by the US to create a global threat to consolidate power after the second world war. Also since you brought up China...
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Is The American Dream A Sham?

    Sigh...........Capitalism cannot work without a large low paid workforce to exploit because it is purely driven by ever increasing profits and the only sure way to do this is pay less and employ less. Now this would be countered by the fact people need money to buy your product right...
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    The Elder Scrolls Online Relaunches on PC/Mac Today

    Sub model still works and is the best model but what this game failed at and what nearly every new MMO fails at is the social aspect. These aspects like guilds and housing and enhanced interaction are what drive people to keep playing these types of games and they just cut it or think it can be...
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    The Tools of the Trade

    Such weapons were crafted by the gods for the master race not to be sullied by the unwashed masses!
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    New Overwatch Hero Is a Response to Body-Type Diversity Criticism

    You don't need to go to extremes to have diversity, physical strength or size mean nothing in equality. Take Vasquez from Aliens, she wasn't some massive muscle bound weightlifter she was just a badass marine like her entire squad and everyone respected her because she could do her job just as...
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    EA Closing Down Maxis's Main Studio

    Dark Ages of Camelot one of the best PvP and successful MMO's made, Made by Mythic. EA buy Mythic Do we get DAOC2? well yes but imagine DAOC in the Warhammer Universe! - Mythic almost drown under all the nerdgasims. Game is released pretty much broken with most of the promised content...
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    More embarrassing then porn

    Porn watching embarrassment? How about this when I was about 13 (this is pre internet porn and porn movies came on VHS) one of my friends older brother used to get some porn movies on VHS and they would do the rounds in our circle of friends each of us borrowing it for a few nights etc.. One...
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    Pish and twaddle, my 4 year old PC makes a PS4/XBone look like a toaster and not the cool one from Red Dwarf.
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    Gearbox Isn't Working on Borderlands 3... But it Wants to be

    Well I hope they don't tbh, They have jumped on the small scale easy buck DLC bandwagon with the Pre-Sequel. What made Borderlands 2 such a great game was the brilliant DLC which made the season pass really worth it. With the Pre-Sequel they listed the season pass at £24.99 on steam which made...
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    Zero Punctuation: Dragon Age: Inquisition - Fantasy Commander Shepard

    Best gear in the game is crafted by a mile but you do need to commit dragon genocide to get the materials.