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    Do bronies challenge traditional masculine values?

    Yikes, the escapist forums have become a sad place to visit judging by the topic alone(the discussion isn't helping either).
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    New nuclear power plants in the UK, and the downfall of humanity

    How so? I'm really curious, even if you by some freak chance knew about all the best reporters in the world how can you dismiss someone's talent that fast?
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    SimCity Apology Offers One Of Eight Free Games

    Warfighter is a joke, get NFS. I would however, love to meet the person that somehow convinced the team that "warfighter" would be a good thing to have as part off the title.
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    EA CEO John Riccitiello Resigns - UPDATED

    Does it really matter who the new CEO is if (s)he is elected by the same people that elected the old one?
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    Maxis Developer Takes SimCity Review Lumps Gracefully

    ... really? Calculating the cost to travel path x or path y isn't rocket science, both path has a base value to travel over them and as more car drive on them the value increases. So, eventually the nearby road will cost too much to travel over so the cars will take the one further away. BUT the...
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    Maxis Developer Denies Need For Single-Player SimCity Servers

    "That's why EA recently disabled Cheetah mode, he added: To reduce the number of updates coming into the server queue." So it really was programmed like that... why would you program it like that? Just update with bigger values instead of doing it more often.
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    Microtransactions Come to Call of Duty

    Here, a set of crosshairs for free(paper you'll have to provide yourself): Just print and stick it on your screen.
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    EA Offers Free Game to Early SimCity Adopters

    Why would they ask people to pull the advertisement for the game and then tell the consumers that if they buy the game before the 18th they will get a free game? why even bother with pulling the advertisement in the first place?
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    Electronic Arts Disables "Non-Critical" SimCity Features - UPDATED

    Couldn't help laughing when I checked metacritic: That said, skipping out on a proper stress test weekend before release is just insane.
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    Care to recommend me some more Indie Games?

    Don't starve [], currently in beta(alpha?) they update it quite frequently with some cool stuff. The only purpose is to survive the wildlife. If you have some friends to play with, Dungeon Defenders [], tower defence mixed...
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    Does your University treat you like an adult?

    Yes? Not really sure what else to add, only thing that I have to do is show up to the exam. For courses that got lab assignment, get a signature on each assignment to show that I did them.
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    If you were in charge of the games industry, what would you change?

    More god games! Seriously, when you can name all god games(from AAA studios) released after 2000 on one hand, something is wrong, and needs to be fixed.
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    No Right Answer: Comedian Who Was Funny

    "and fell the farthest." Isn't it "furthest"? since it in no way implies physical distance.
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    Zero Punctuation: Dead Space 3

    Scary how exactly? The only thing I remember from dead space one, which presumably is the scariest out of them all, was shit jumping out of nowhere trying to startle me. startle =/= scary. A cute bunny is just as effective as a big ugly monster when you´re trying to startle someone.
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    Best comic/manga artist(s)

    Only going by art? Then again, I don't read that much manga so probably a lot better artists out there.