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    Ready For A Giant Robot Duel? Japan Accepts America's Challenge

    I cant tell if this is a joke taken too far, or the natural progression of human entertainment. But its pretty friggan glorious either way, and i'll proudly tell my grandchildren i was around for the first real giant robot fight in history.
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    Destiny Takes GOTY, Confuses Audience, at This Year's BAFTAs

    I can understand it. I wont say Destiny is the most amazing game ever (if i didnt get it for free with my PS4, i wouldnt have gotten it at all), but its certainly far better than i was expecting. I'm in no way a Halo fanboy, or a Bungie fan in general (havent enjoyed one since halo 2), but...
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    Probably waiting on cooldowns. A lot of players new to MOBA's forget that you can attack enemy champions, and not just throw spells at them. That said, he was at least able to last hit a few times. Better than most people just starting in Dota2.
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    No Right Answer: Is Avatar an Anime?

    Long story short: No. If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, and waddles like a duck, it could still be a goose. And if it looks like a goose, smells like a goose, and waddles like a goose, it could still be a swan. In this case, Avatar is an american animation with an eastern...
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    What if Goat Simulator Was an MMO? Free Expansion Coming

    As the old saying goes, "Its not stupid. Its Advanced". And boy, is this a clear advancement on the modern day MMo formula. Gone are the days of copypasta hot-key based combat! But in all seriousness, im glad this joke didnt die out. Goat Simulator will always be one of my favorite titles...
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    No Right Answer: Subbing Vs. Dubbing

    I think a good thing to bring up here is Space Dandy, which was dubbed and subbed at the same time. Both are the "Originals" in this case, and i think it brings up a lot of interesting things between subbing and dubbing. I feel like the English voice actors just dont fit the characters as...
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    EA: "If The Sims 4 Isn't Successful, There Won't be a Sims 5"

    No, no, no! When they mean successful, they mean highest grossing game of all time. The only way for big name companies to stay afloat these days is to triple sales every new release! Market projections say that they should sell 30x more copies of the game then there are PC owners. And if they...
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    Super Smash Bros. 4's New Challengers Are Fire Emblem's Robin And Lucina

    Robin is a very interesting take on a fighting character. I wonder how strong his/her kit is without the magic, because the idea of "Temporary Power" that you always start with is very unique. And when the Tome is lost, will Robin gain a new moveset, or will it just be altered with a few...
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    Is a Zombie Apocalypse Possible? Morgan Freeman Knows

    On top of that, even if the virus somehow kept the brain alive and the body moving, it would only take a matter of days/weeks for the body to become a useless pile of rotted slime. The elements are extremely harsh. Standing in the sun, or walking through the winter reeks havoc on the body...
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    Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade: Plenty of WAAAGH For Every One

    It will probably round out like Guild Wars 2 "Downed" System, where you can still kill a player by putting consistent/burst damage on them while they are down, but it takes far longer then actually walking up and doing an execution. For GW2, its unfeasible during combat to waste all of your DPS...
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    No Right Answer: Is Game of Thrones Overrated: The Rebuttal

    Im still in the category of, "Its Overrated". Im not even happy with some of the arguments presented as to why its not. "Its reputation proceed's it", isnt a valid excuse for being a porno. Even Southpark did an episode to make fun of this. Children will still watch and see it. It doesnt stop...
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    Poll: Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas

    Both are amazing, both have amazing DLC, and both are great choices to sink your time in. As my grandfather always says, flip a coin, because both heads and tails are winners in their own ways.
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    The Big Picture: Boy's Own Adventure

    Forgive me, but isnt crossdressing a staple of american comedy? I cant thick of a single american produced children's cartoon that didnt do it, or deal with the ideals of homosexuality. Im sure by this point in time most of them have already been named in the thread, so i wont repeat them, but...
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    Double Fine Turns To Kickstarter To Fund Massive Chalice

    Why* is the word you're looking for. And "Civilized", is the word your missing in your statement, as saying "Until then, f*ck off*" adds nothing to the conversation, uses uncalled for language and does nothing but lower others view of you. Yes, many people share the sentiment, but they...
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    God Game Reus Asks You, Mighty One, To Aid Puny Humans

    I cant wait to run my civilizations directly into the ground for enjoyment. But i do feel that the "God Game" market fell a bit after Spore (which i personally did enjoy for a few hundred hours). Hopefully the upcoming "Generation" of god games will live up to the older ones.