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    Poll: One world language... that isn't yours.

    German or Esperanto. German because i like it and i'm learning it, Esperanto because it was made to be easy to learn and it's "neutral".
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    Something I saw on The Daily

    A bag of sweets... a wooden cd rack... If it had been my right, and behind my PC then an old VERY HEAVY antique gun...
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    What song would you like played at your funeral?

    Ride of the Valkyries Forever Lost by G.I.A.A so far...
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    Poll: Your Opinions on Digital Distribution

    I like both, really it depends on the game, if its something i really like i will get the hard copy, if im less concerned then i'll get the digital option. Also HALLELUJAH! The Escapist hasn't been working for me for weeks and now it is! YAY! Edit: Ok, it stopped working again for a...
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    Your Favorite Brain Teaser

    That ones not very good... surely she could just call some people to find out his number or something...whatever.
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    Your Favorite Brain Teaser

    But if he's from the lieing village then - wait, just got it... if he's from the village of lies he always lies...yes?
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    Poll: What games are on your desktop?

    Used to be 14, now its 1, installing 2.
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    What frightens you in Horror films?

    Crying, or calling for help as they die... I find it very VERY disturbing.
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    too senstivie kids

    Where do people say birdy and batt mitten? I'm from the UK and everyone I know says shuttlecock and badminton... OT: It's very over the top, but some schools are like that... but they shouldn't be IMO.
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    Suggest me an RTS.

    The imperial guard are good if you build quickly, defend yourself early and you will kick ass in the end.
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    Those one liners that cause you to *facepalm*.

    This is painfully stupid,I mean, wow. My contribution - (me) "who invented the lightbulb?" (a friend of mine)"Arnold Schwarzenegger!", to be fair she corrected herself afterwards.
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    Habits You Got From Video Games?

    Every time I come off an RPG after playing for ages, it takes me a few minutes to remember that the people I am talking to aren't scripted and I'm not restricted to dialogue selections... I kinda look downwards for the choices...probably not healthy...
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    Poll: Waterworld - The MMO/ RTS - Good Idea?

    You'll have to come up with a negative for smokers first.
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    How did you found out Santa wasn't real?

    I never "realised" as such, as time went by I began to notice how many presents were from family and friends, and my mum began to get sloppy with the secrecy. So I just kinda knew at some point...
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    Poll: 'Haxor!' What Are The Cheapest Weapons and Tactics in Online Videogames?

    This could be a dangerous thing to say, but, I don't think there are any cheap tactics as such, I think that if you can use something good, then do so. But obviously there are those who will use only those tactics which is stupid and cheap... so I think it's cheap players, not tactics... maybe...