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    The great sex and sexuality questionnaire! (Will probably get NSFW)

    1) Male 2) Straight 3) I have a very simple obsession with the idea of GIVING head to the ladies, I hope I get to do a lot of that in future. Bondage and foreplay are also turn on's. 4) I'm 23 and still a virgin so the craziest experience I've had was receiving oral sex in a park at night...
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    How to get the most out of Fallout: New Vegas (and games in general)

    The beauty of games like Fallout and similarly designed games is that you CAN abandon whatever you're meant to be doing, walk wherever you like and take it in at your own pace (though Fallout: NV is a little hard on the leash in the early going). However, here's my general advice for enjoying...
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    Who would win in a fight: you or your avatar?

    Me vs Mitch Hedberg? He's already dead. His unique style of comedy owed a lot to his noticeable stage fright. There's one fight I'm confident I would win. Not that I'd ever have the urge to punch Mitch Hedberg, though.
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    How are you doing lately?

    Uhhh, today my parents and I talked about me seeing a therapist to find out if I have depression. That's certainly news in my world and hopefully a step forward me. It's been a slgithly anxious day but I'm feeling good at the moment. Nothing's been going on with me since before the holidays...
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    Poll: Are you happy with your weight?

    Voted "Other". I'm under 70kg today, as of a few years ago I was one of the chubby kids in high school at 89kg. So now I'm quite slim with broad shoulders owing to all the swimming training I did as a kid before I basically stopped exercising. My body looks fine. However... I'm still not...
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    Poll: Can you play a game based on the promise that it will get interesting later on?

    I would say yes I can/would play a game that only gets interesting later on, since there are there games I like that could fit that description. Red Dead Redemption for example.
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    Gaming series/Genres you fell out of love with.

    It's not a series or even a genre maybe, but online multiplayer games/modes in general. Playing games like COD, Gears, L4D and pretty much any game with decent multiplayer attached was fun for me at first, up until I got an Xbox 360 I'd only ever played single player or local multiplayer...
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    Favorite lets play? Tell us about who you love to watch or what makes somthing fun to follow.

    Two/Super Best Friends Play is my favourite thing on YT. Matt and Pat are a genuinely funny duo and that's probably what people watch them for. But I admire their knowledge enthusiasm for the games they play, even the games they clearly resent. It's their obvious passion for videogames that...
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    A Human Day

    Whatever this is and wherever it came from, is really good. It's well drawn, carefully worded and thought provoking. I don't really know how to judge this sort of thing but Thane's character here is nailed so well I found it compelling. You guys really did the material justice. It's also sweet...
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    Poll: Male Self-Image.

    I voted "Sort of". I've dropped over 20kg during the last couple of years, so I'm more comfortable about my image and undeniably better looking than ever. However... I badly need style. I've never had a clue what to do with my hair for one, I'd like to do the handsome parted hair look but I...
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    Not if it's in XXXXXX!!

    I generally won't listen to music with lyrics in another language. Even when there's no lyrics I still feel like I'm missing some cultural context when I hear certain tones and instruments. With games, I keep noticing lots of open world crime games like Saints Row and GTA often specifically...
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    Kane & Lynch May Yet Get A Movie, With Gerard Butler In Lead

    I loved the first game and if the film depicts the events of that then I'm on board. I just reeeaaally fear for the direction of the movie if Vin Diesel was offered the role of Lynch. He's not a bad actor, but the character of Lynch is supposed to resemble someone like Trevor from GTA V; a...
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    Aussies Give EA The Shonky 2013 For Unfair Play

    Being charged for customer support of unknowable helpfulness would be irritating. Being charged for support for a product that was faulty would be insulting and rage inducing. It's no wonder the customers feel like sticking the finger up at EA for the hassle., and it's not like EA suffers any...
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    In defence of the 'Friendzoned'

    I don't really care for the "friendzone" thing and most guys I know don't use the word in their vocabularies. I mean, I believe it exists, it's just not a word I'd use. As a guy I can say I've been "rejected" plenty of times, just not "friendzoned". But anyway, it's not that hard to follow...
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    How did you figure out what you want to do?

    I'm 22 and stuck in exactly the same mud as you. Similar story too. After I finished high school I studied advertising, I thought of journalism at first but the kind of knowledge and passion required as described at the open day just sounded so unappealing to me, despite the fact that I love...