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    And you thought planking was stupid.

    I want two minutes of my life back, please.
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    FIve things that you believe never should have been invented.

    -Religion -Religion -Religion -Religion -Religion
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    Team Fortress 2 and snipers

    That model of thinking there is the reason we don't have enough engineers or doctors or architects.
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    Team Fortress 2 and snipers

    The new sniper rifle has the same charge, and the same damage. 150 HP, and the application of jarate. Plus, there were already a bunch of snipers that knew that bodyshots are enough damage to kill half the classes. Only now they can actually help their team making everyone deal the enemy...
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    "The Gideon Bible" on newest ZP

    I just find it odd that the new bible image is not a bible, but the cover to a collection of hardcore gay furry porn.
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    Poll: Music that needs to Die

    Where's the everything option
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    "The Gideon Bible" on newest ZP

    Several searches with bible related words, and not a single sight of the Gideon Bible. It's certainly not recognizable. I dare you google it.
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    "The Gideon Bible" on newest ZP

    This some kind of trollbait or something? Could be a good trick from Yathzee.