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    Taco News - Cuphead Developer Calls Journalists Wimps

    Hahaha, this would have been so meta if true. A journalists whining about developers calling them whimps. Good joke, Taco.
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    Destiny: The Collection Listing Shows Up on Amazon for PS4 and Xbox One

    I stopped playing because they destroyed the game every time a new expansion came out for anyone that didn't get the expansion immediately. So if you get this "collection", please be prepared for everything you like about it to get nerfed the moment the expansion comes up, including outright...
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    Selling Computer Duster to an Abuser at a Retail Store

    Unfortunately, unless the laws of changed then you might as well be a bartender selling alcohol to a legal adult that has an alcohol problem. It's still his right to be able to buy it and it's his own lifestyle choice. You're not wrong for disliking the situation. You're actually being...
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    Is bottling up emotions a sign of strength?

    It depends on how you look at it. Just being able to bottle them up in general indicates emotional restraint which is a form of strength and control over yourself. However,if you are bottling up your feelings because you don't want to look weak then it could be a fear response to...
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    A Dutch Company Says it Owns the Patent on No Man's Sky's Procedural Generation Algorithm

    Does it apply if they don't sell their game in Europe?
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    A Dutch Company Says it Owns the Patent on No Man's Sky's Procedural Generation Algorithm

    There are only two reasons to bring it up at all: 1. Free Payday. 2. Protect your copyright for future endeavors in case someone in an actual competitive field tries to copy it. People don't realize that when major companies like Disney seem to be enforcing copyright law against little...
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    New No Man's Sky Trailer Shows Off Space and Ground Combat

    Haha, that's really funny. Like the others said, I think your name just gets tagged as the discoverer of the item rather than actually changing the item name itself. But I wasn't sure at first either so I'm surprised I didn't think like you did and wonder about planet Seymour Buttes or...
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    New No Man's Sky Trailer Shows Off Space and Ground Combat

    This game offers the only compelling reason to buy day 1 I've ever heard. If you are the first to find a planet or plant or animal, it is forever named after you.
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    New No Man's Sky Trailer Shows Off Space and Ground Combat

    Oh, I would definitely not buy games on launch if you have the patience. That seems to have always benefited me financially and time-saving-wise. I'm more excited about the exploration angle. It's nice to see that fight mechanics are in place and look nice but in general this is the first...
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    The whole holding-a-door-thing

    Okay, good. I was worried I'd gotten you wrong and strawmanned you in subsequent comments. Thanks for confirming. Actions are best understood on face value unless you are given more information. If I hold a door open for someone, they have no idea why I'm doing it and so it's wrong to assume my...
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    The whole holding-a-door-thing

    Who goes around smiling all the time? That would feel weird. It isn't rude not to initiate contact with others in the vast majority of the situation but it would be rude if someone smiled and said hello to you but you ignored them. Something I doubt most people would do. I have heard that us...
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    The whole holding-a-door-thing

    Your sentence is a little hard for me to parse. Are you saying that guys who complain about women getting mad about door holding are usually the same people who feel that people owe them something when they do something nice? I'd say that if I try to do something nice I should at least be...
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    Gaming 20 Years Ago...How Would You Fare?

    Gotta be honest, I think I'd be comforted sufficiently by all that money I'd be making from investments. I could not in good conscience devote my energies to pushing the games industry despite how much I love it. I'd have to push my endeavors towards immunotherapies for cancer and disease...
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    The whole holding-a-door-thing

    This is a fun little issue with two sides expecting polar opposite things from the same guy. One side thinks you're rude if you don't hold the door open for them and the other side thinks you're calling them weak if you do it. I personally would rather do something nice for the people who...
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    So What's the General Feeling About The Flash (CW)?

    I actually dislike the Arrow in this universe as a character both tonally and thematically. Just seems to be some rich asshole that isn't likeable or relate-able. I cringe every time Oliver and Barry meet up for fear that Barry will get some of his crap on him. The Flash seems to be more on...