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    Gearbox CEO On Gamer Criticism: "Some People Are Sadists"

    Coming from someone else I might at least see where the comment was coming from. It's easy to rip something to shreds, so easy you sometimes forget people put a lot of effort into making it. And I can understand partially see how really hard criticism might seem hurtful if you've put your heart...
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    There's Still More Super Smash Bros. 4 DLC Fighters to Come

    I think if I go back and check my post history, roughly 25% of my posts the last few years will be me commenting on a smash bros thread saying this: Please, please, please make it Travis Touchdown :)~ I know there's not a snowball's chance in hell, but it would be so awesome. If for no...
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    Disney's Descendants Trailer Looks Like The High-School Movie You Imagined

    I, just.. this is... This looks really bad and I'm light years away from the target audience, and yet there are parts of me that kind of want to see this O.o
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    The most famous person from your town/city

    Dolph Lundgren was born and partially raised in the same suburb of Stockholm as me, which is pretty cool. He's not exactly the "hometown boy" sort of celebrity, he's been all over the place and probably identifies more as an American than a Swede these days. But still!
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    Here's your new ultra edgy Joker!

    A little overdone. But I prefer them doing a new take to just reiterating the same joker. I must admit I'm not quite sold on any of the DC promotional material I see, but I keep an open mind. If they have enough finesse and good enough people behind it I absolutely believe they can pull off a...
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    Your favourite cheesy, campy and silly movie?

    Streets of Fire. Any movie that stars an overacting Willem Dafoe opens and closes with a Jim Steinman song is bound to be my favorite campy but glorious movie.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Will Ignore the Prequels, Free Ep. VII DLC Planned

    Yeah I kind of agree. I can see why a lot of people really dislike the prequels, but sometimes the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater. Was the battle on Kashyyyk shoehorned into the story? Yeah, but it's till a pretty cool setting for a battle. The same goes for Kamino, Geonosis and Naboo...
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    Obsidian accused of transmisogyny in Pillars of Eternity

    Probably the most reasonable thing that has been said here (or at least the tow first pages, couldn't be bothered to read further, sorry ^^). It's a little bit unclear on who's expense the joke is (as noted, it might as well be interpreted as being at the expense of "Firedorn"), but on the...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Order: 1886 - Steampunk Modern Warfare

    A shaved bear with Al Swearengen's vocabulary would have been much more interesting ^^
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    Rayman Leaked as Super Smash Bros. 4 DLC Character? - Update: Fake

    So if this is true Smash Bros. is basically moving towards becoming The Expendables of '80s and '90s cartoony videogame characters? I'd be totally on board with that ^^ Still, wouldn't get my hopes up prematurely over this just yet.
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    Jon Stewart Leaving The Daily Show This Year

    I salute the man. I'm sad to see him leave, but I'm always relieved to see people quit while they are ahead. With Colbert throwing going on to bigger things, and John Oliver showing himself capable of following in Stewarts footsteps, it feels kind of like an appropriate moment for a generational...
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    League of Legends Tournament: LGBT Players Have "Unfair Advantage" - Update

    I was baited to click the link with an outrageous explanation for why LGBT players would have an unfair advantage. I was sorely disappointed :(
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    Death of the Author

    I think what's so interesting about a piece of writing is that it never does stand by itself. It is always read (or told, or presented) in a context, and the context changes what one takes away from it. I can read a book knowing nothing about an author and be affected by it. Then, after...
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    How to semi-Hepler Dragon Age Origins?

    I totally get why you would want a mode like that, sometimes all you want is the story. I've found this to be true for a lot of long-running game franchises where I'm interested in the latest installment but haven't played the previous. I really want to be on board to 100% with the story, but...
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    Report: Disney is Eyeing Chris Pratt to be The Next Indiana Jones

    Seems logical, he basically already played Han Solo. At the same time I can sort of chime in with everyone who's saying that a reboot feels unnecessary. Indiana Jones doesn't have so much lore tied to it that they couldn't do just as well with a new treasure hunter movie franchise. Possibly...