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    Poll: Duke Nukem Forever Demo Review

    I enjoyed it. wasn't just shooting things in a succession of identical rooms, so for me, at least, its better than halo 3. and by that I mean "funner", so I'm getting it. the ankle biters annoyed me, as those types of things always do, but the taking the barrels out of the mine cart surprised...
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    I've never been punched in the face

    i once got attacked on the street by three guys. tried to talk my way out of it when one the one to my right, who had been a way's off, ran up and punched me in the jaw. i used to box and have done a bit of thai-boxing and that so its i know how to take a punch, but my total unreadiness and the...
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    Poll: Who would you rather let die, your pet or me?

    i would save you. id hate watching my dog die, ive had it for years, but you are a human, and a human life>a dogs life. its a bit disgusting that people consider a animal they know over a human they dont. i am not special, therefore ppl i know are not special. your a human, my dog is a dog. if...
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    Say that Mankind launches two new spaceships.

    "enough gravitas for you" and "perpetual notion" if you dont know why read more sci fi and buy gratuitous space battles off steam. its gratuitous good fun