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    Amazon Orders a Full Season of Cult Favorite Superhero Show The Tick

    Cannot watch in Canada. I am sad. "Service Area Restriction This video isn't available due to geographical licensing restrictions." *edit* Checked with them. Videos in general are only for the USA, for now.
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    Newest Pokemon GO Lawsuit Seeks Payouts for Annoyed Property Owners

    The majority of PokemonGos content was imported from the companies other game, Ingress. Many stops were submitted by people that live there without second thought. Of course, make a big hit and now it's a problem. I understand a fair argument for removing a stop/gym but I don't think lawsuits...
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    Pokemon GO Nears Twitter's User Count, Sparks Stories Good and Bad

    It's not out in Canada yet but it hasn't stopped people from trying
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    Finding Dory - Just Keep Swimming

    I watched The Film Theorists two part episode "Exposing Dory" and "Dory is a liar" on YouTube beforehand. It made watching this movie more fun than it should've been.
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    A slowed metabolism does NOT make you look younger. It means you take more time to process food. People usually develop this in their 30s and gain weight because food isn't burnt as quickly as it used to. On the flip side, some people remain dangerously skinny because their metabolism runs way...
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    Game of Thrones Characters Drawn In the Style of Bob's Burgers

    I'm going to respectfully disagree with all the negativity. I think the art is silly, fun and comically mocking. House Martell is spot on for showing grumpy and jealous versions of the characters. Drogo is my favorite with the bright colors. If the full picture with the white walker was a...
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    Report: Disney is Eyeing Chris Pratt to be The Next Indiana Jones

    Agreed. Indiana Jones did not need to come back for a strange sci-fi twist and does not need to be rebooted. For the time, technology in the film and the actors it has a cozy spot as a classic now. I'd rather see this theme/genre of movie as something original. Something fresh that has no...
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    The Tick to Return as Amazon Pilot

    I loved the cartoon very much, but felt the live action fell short in so many ways. I especially missed the original, shoe throwing American maid who took care of herself. Only The tick and Arthur felt original. Maybe it's just me, but if they bring anything back, I'd love the cartoon or a...
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    Zero Punctuation: EarthBound - Not Your Typical JRPG

    Earthbound was a little silly and the dark undertone kept it from being outright boring after a while. I liked how enemies left you alone once you got stronger. It kind of reminded me of a weird cross-over of a turn based rpg and commander keen. Overall it's not something I'd go out of my way...
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    Finnish Hearthstone Tournament Changes Policy on Women - Update

    I know, how about we should have it open to everyone. Period. From the start. No male, or female or purple people eater groups. Just everyone altogether. There shouldn't be any excuses from the start and there are no physical differences in the overall species for trying to play a video game...
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    Don't Let The Pigeon Open A Gate To Hell!

    First the school bus, then saying up late. I check up on you and you're now trying to pull this off. Bad Pigeon!
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    World of Warcraft Player Reaches Level 90 Without Choosing a Faction

    What a peaceful/hardworking WoW character if they turned him into a card or story. Good for him.
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    The Big Picture: E3-mageddon: Crossover

    I didn't know Bob did the whole talking to himself bit. It looks like it should be good but falls short. It looks like it should be offensive but falls short. It was just kind of was perplexingly boring. The crossover bit kept me watching for the most part. Once the E3 came in I got was he was...
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    George RR Martin Sells Chance to Die in His Books for Charity

    A nice thought but a bit too expensive. Having 'prizes/offers' that jump from 100 to 450, over 4x in amount is silly. I don't mind people selling stuff for charity, but a 450$ poster or 600$ cookbook seems silly next to a 50$ shirt.