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    Thoughts on Yu Yu Hakusho

    It had a pretty strong run, up till the end of the Dark Tournament arc. Everything after that was a mess. The entire Chapter Black arc was... bizarre. The Sensui Seven were all forgettable (except Sniper, I guess), and Sensui himself was cool until his whole multiple personality thing eked...
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    Batman and Robin

    I've always thought of Batman & Robin as an homage to the '60s Batman, whether Schumacher intended it to be or not. In that respect, I can enjoy the movie unironically. On a minor tangent, for some reason I've always felt that Schwarzenegger could have totally pulled off the Victor Fries...
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    Wal-Mart Cancels SNES Class Pre-orders Due to "Technical Glitch"

    Shame, I had put in my preorder as soon as they came online. Not liking my chances. :/
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    First Code Vein Trailer Looks Like a Vampire Souls Game

    Not really digging the character designs. I don't usually have any issues with the 3D anime style in video games, but in this case it heavily clashes with the aesthetic of the setting.
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    Games with "Anime-esque" Intros

    I'm not really a fan of the series myself (I suck ass at fighting games), but the first BlazBlue probably has my favorite OP. Having read up on the plot of the games to a certain extent, it's certainly convoluted enough to warrant being an anime. :P
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    Power Rangers Movie (Spoilers)

    I thought that they actually did a pretty good job with it. For all intents and purposes, the movie was a two-hour-long remake of "Day of the Dumpster." There are several key differences that I thought ultimately worked better in terms of writing. The Rangers were not just randomly chosen and...
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    Power Rangers - Go Go Get a Donut!

    As someone that grew up with the TV show, I thought that the movie was a pretty fun ride. I agree that it took way too long for them to well, become the Power Rangers, but as far as establishing the characters goes, it did a decent job. I don't know about spawning six sequels, but it worked...
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    8 Canceled Games We Wish Weren't

    To this day, I wish that Tiberium had not been cancelled.
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    Poll: Don't put marbles in your nose!

    Am I really one of only two people to have voted for the third option? :| Oookay then. I mean, obviously it's not something I would have done without seeing all the hubbub about it on the internet. I gave the game cart one little lick, just for curiosity's sake. Why not? I'm not losing my...
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    Do you like love and Romance in video games?

    Of course. I'd add the qualifier "if it's done well" there, but honestly it's a bit fuzzy either way. Even in games that "do it well," the romances are generally hit or miss, though that can sometimes have more to do with one's tastes. I do agree that the concept of making a game out of...
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    Hearthstone's "Year of The Mammoth" Removes 6 Classic Cards From Standard

    On one hand, I'm a little upset that Classic is getting touched. I spent money on it specifically because the set's cards would never rotate out; now I won't be able to use my Ragnaros or Azure Drakes outside of Wild. But the full dust refund is very, very generous. I think the reasons...
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    Poll: Ever Edit a Wiki?

    I used to be staff on the Bleach Wiki. The site has a very strict Manual of Style, with numerous policies and standards that are stringently enforced across all the articles. Generally speaking, anything that could not be backed up with a reference from the series could not be placed on the...
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    Poll: The next Elder Scrolls game and the obstacles it faces

    I'm sure many will agree with me when I say that the real charm behind Morrowind was in its alien atmosphere. With a few exceptions, its actual gameplay mechanics were not really my thing, but the sequels were nonetheless lacking in a few important areas. When it comes right down to it...
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    Here are Videos for the 18 Revealed 1, 2, Switch Minigames

    Yeah... I don't usually like the term "glorified tech demo," but that's what this strikes me as. Don't get me wrong, it does look fun, but for 50 USD? Ech. It should have been the pack-in title.