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    World of Warcraft Paid Level 90 Boost Will Cost $60

    Actually, this has been a mined price and there's a chance of it not being final. In any case, the developers claim the boost was largely in response to the theoretical issue of players buying the game multiple times and merging accounts (Since you get one of these boosts for free with the...
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    Panasonic Developing Real-Life Power Loader Like the One In Aliens

    We've been able to make these for a while now, the problem is utility and cost. Simply put, there's nothing these suits can do that other devices/tools can't already do for cheaper, especially when you consider factories are already built around the use of said devices.
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    Warcraft Film Pushed Into 2016

    In b4 obligitory WoW is dea--oh, too late. Oh, also, Greg Street stepped down as Lead Systems Designer for WoW, which is kinda more newsworthy than this.
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    Jimquisition: Sexual Failing

    I've actually been thinking on this matter for a fair while now. Thanks for bringing it out in the open, Jim!
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    Xbox One Automatically DVR's Unlocked Achievements

    "Microsoft later removed this feature when their service was completely choked out and flooded by every user showing a five second clip of every inane achievement that's given to them automatically."
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    Jimquisition: Creative Freedom, Strings Attached
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    Jimquisition: Creative Freedom, Strings Attached

    After PAX and what happened there, I think we can all agree that this needed to be said.
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    Hi-Rez Studios Suspends Tribes: Ascend Updates

    The simple fact of the matter is that T:A lacks the modding environment necessary to sustain community interest beyond purely developer-based content. Tribes as a franchise is well known for its modding community, but even without that iconography it's still important to maintain.
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    Rumor: World of Warcraft To Add Microtransactions

    It's more likely that they'll be adapting a FTP model in the east, where most of their business is (And where they're struggling the most, specifically to other FTP games). They've done similar weird things o'er there all the time (The altercation of raid lockout duration, and the fact that you...
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    Feed Dump: Putin, Squirrels and a Wal Mart Parking Lot

    Huh, so that explains all those RVs in my old job's parking lot. . .
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    Jimquisition: PS4 - Doing Nothing, Meaning Everything

    Exceptional articulation of the Sony's reveal of support for used games. The realization that this announcement--with all its praise--is really a celebration of the status quo is something I'm certain came to just about everyone's mind, and exploring why this inaction is deserving of such...
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    Shadowrun Online Creators Detail Its Free To Play Model

    It's a very difficult line to walk, I'm afraid. Ultimately, I'm not sure if a subscription model is ideal, even if it's not mandatory. Then again, this might just be my fondness for the GW2 payment model talking.
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    Jimquisition: When The Starscreams Kill Used Games

    Your point is correct; moreover, this issue is exacerbated when you realize that--post Xbone launch--Microsoft has less and less reason to actually maintain those 360 servers, so not only is your content non-transferable, but might also evaporate completely. The core of my claim here is...
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    Jimquisition: When The Starscreams Kill Used Games

    Could you quantify the scale of piracy and its effect on game sales? You kinda missed the point of my statement; if I can't buy a game used why don't I just wait until a steam sale and buy the game on there? The sentiment is that consoles have very little that's unique to offer and the...
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    Jimquisition: When The Starscreams Kill Used Games

    I think there is some fairness in arguing that the absence of used games doesn't harm a platform, since PC is doing fine without it; however, removing used games from consoles merely reinforces the trend of "consoles as shit PCs", and all that sentiment entails.