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    WildStar Beta Weekend Code Giveaway

    The combat felt really good to me. I like the contrast between the wind ups and the mobility. There was also a ton of customization. It felt like it could get really deep to me. If you never got of the ship that means you never got the chance to play with skill trees or design a house. EDIT...
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    Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers Preview - Finally, Custom Decks

    I actually am not a fan of this and having bought all the other duels will not be buying this one. Every game has allowed to customize our decks more but I feel have given us less. The first game, white worst on the programming side, had the best array of decks and options. I liked the...
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    Maybe it is because he asked for honesty and sincerity so people are martyring themselves in his comment section. I also want to point out that the censorship system does not work. I find myself reading posts that were sectioned off more carefully than I would have otherwise. They just seem like...
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    The Big Picture: Boy's Own Adventure

    Bob thanks for pointing this out. I do find it funny that Sponge Bob and Patrick have been a couple for years and no one said anything because they didn't cross dress even though Spongebob is a flaming homosexual.
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    Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 24

    America makes up for variety with spiders in our houses. I remember watching Steve Irwin and he was nervous about all the black widows. I've got those under my bed! I've got hobo spiders in my cloths! You know those spiders chase you? They look like the spiders from arachnaphobia and leave fang...
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    Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 24

    I think anyone who labels them self has no right to complain. Especially the label gamer. So many people play games. Chess players are gamers. Sports players are gamers. Gamblers are gamers. So why have a label with connotations that are untrue? Anyhow about lost. I stopped watching when the...
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    Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 23

    I gotta say I do like Dan casts. That chipmunk movie gave me nightmares as a kid, thanks for reminding me about it. You ever watch Milo and Otis? That was my favorite. Anyway Dan watch avatar and play Bastion, probably at the same time. Avatar the first series is on Netflix and the Nick...
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    PETA Plays Pokemon

    Ya they do some crazy parodies and Pokemon has been asking for it forever. We need to stop the violence on flamboyant neon animals! Just because they have more flair doesn't mean that they fight well.
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    Jimquisition: Monster Boobs And Plastic Children

    I think it is fair to blame it on culture and the customers. The customers buy the games with the helium balloons so that is what is made. At the end of the day they still make the plastic ladies but without a demand there is not supply. As for the culture. Well not that I have seen hentai but...
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    Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 22

    Well that is the thing about chrono trigger. You able to get to the boss through multiple roots in multiple times. If you can't stand that one find an easier one for you. I belive during one of the QA panels someone asked for a, "Last Supper." If it was a panel that explains why Jesus wasn't...
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    Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 22

    Should I be offended I was the only one to talk about Vernt Fonk and I was refered to as bunch of Washington fans and not by name? Just for that I will correct you again. Jesus turned water to wine. He clones sandwiched but needs water for hooch. On the topic of streaming though this is what...
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    Starcraft 2 Multiplayer May Become Free-To-Play

    I think Starcraft 2 is bought mostly for the multiplayer. The story has become a Firefly knock off and worse. Also you miss a lot unless you have read the books apparently. I guess it was natural to happen with 12 year in between games. The story wanted to continue on and changed drastically...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Fairy Godparent

    You see paper is made from trees and iPads are made from sweatshops. Trees have feelings.
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    No Right Answer: Worst Third Movie of a Series Ever

    I don't know 4th movies can be ok. POC4 did what it set out to do. Make a movie that ends with more actors then it started with so that no matter who agreed to do a straight to TV video 5th one it would be cannon and they would have backstories out of the way.
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    Zero Punctuation: DayZ

    This review is an accurate description of the game. But Yahtzee did you not get to enjoy the fun of some bloke running you down with his car? Sometimes if you follow them you can steal their car when the get out to take a piss break. Cars are usually filled with guns.