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    StreetPass Expands With SpotPass Relay Functionality

    I see a lot of McDonald's visits in my future...
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    Come Join Us for Escapist Expo 2013

    So excited! Pretty sure I'll only be able to go on Friday just like I did last year, but it's all good.
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    Chubby Checker Sues Over The Chubby Checker

    I wonder if the party responsible for the app even knew Chubby Checker existed.
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    Farming Simulator 2013 Plows a Hardcore Launch Trailer

    After watching the trailer, I proceeded to launch Steam and buy this game. WHAT HAVE I DONE
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    So...Who watched Freakazoid while growing up?

    I remember watching Freakazoid every afternoon after school and on Saturday mornings. They should really show Freakazoid on Boomerang or something... unless they do and I miss it. :|