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    Darth Maul to be resurrected in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    People still have faith in the franchise? Hell I wouldn't be surprised if he brought back Ben and Qui-Gon as duo Zombie villans just to star in one episode. Face it, anything Starwars related will be remade into #!"&.
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    DoTA and League of Legends

    Big dif twebeen LoL 'n Dota is: There's no AP. Everyone have "The same amoutn of MR" (50% iirc) and there's no way to boost your; EVEYRONE IS A AD CARRY! Havin played dota quite alot before, LoL was a huge step in the right direction of the game. Transferin from LoL to Dota...
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    your top 10 games list

    In no special order Fallout 2 Half-Life World of Goo VVVVV Team Fortress 2 C&C Red Alert (1) Warcraft 3 Starcraft S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl AaAaAAAaaaaaAaaaaaaAaaa!!!!! A total disregard for Gravity.
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    How can you justify this view-point?

    First off, take your offended feelings away. I am sorry and you have my condolences but taking offense from that is neither the point nor his intentions. As he replaced 'em oldies' with new fresh blood might've just been an economical reason or that he's all busy optimizin an streamlining ALL...
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    How much filth have you avoided?

    Ive seen enough to think that tubgirl is dull.
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    MMO Creator Snags Total Recall IP

    Is this just a way to sue Red Faction for stealing their Plot?
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    Is camping in Battlefield as bad as in CoD

    Campin in BF? I thought we had Tanks, Hellies, Drones, ReconBios, Tubes, Lawnchairs and Nades for that. Campin in a house? Tank says; What house? Campin in a tower? Tank yells: TIMBERRRRRRR! I say that the only campin that you notice is due to bad leveldesign (That Giant lighthosue in...
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    Have you ever knowingly bought a game that was "average"

    Dark Sector: Twas alright Turok (360): THROATSLICINKNIFE SHALL LIVE IN MY MEMORIES FOREVER Golden Axe Beast Rider (360): Only regrets Facebreaker: Good times Warhammer Mark of Chaos: meh Castle Crashers: meh Perfect Dark: regrets Just Cause 2: alright King Arthur Rpgwargame: had it for a...
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    I just threw a house party

    So I heard you liek StilletoPrints all over yer floor. So I heard you liek ...lovejuice an drinks over anythings thats even slightly sittable/leanable/lieable So I heard you liek 2-3 shirtless guys wakin up in yer bathtub all covered drawed on genitalia So I heard you liek missin half of yer...
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    TF2 Players Buy $430,000 in Hats for Japan

    If the Bank of Japan shuffels in around 175 billion dollars an later say "We do not need the money", were your hat-buying actions nothing more then selfish back-patting coupons.
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    You can spend a day with anyone doing anything, who do u pick

    Cup of Coffee with Confusus.
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    Short FPS Single-Players that lasted Long for you.

    Single Player. Unless your a bot? N your bros are the rest of the bots?
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    Poll: Saving.

    Depends on difficulty/Speed of savings/Memory/Checkpoints. I remember playin HalfLife1 on Hard where I saved after each mob and loaded if I wasted ANYTHING. :3
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    Warhammer ultramarines movie

    It's a film that breaks lore (IE ment for newcommers) yet will only be seen by the fans (Due to graphical stuckness from the 90ies). So...I hear Uncharted would make a better movie just Frapsed from the game.