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    Your idea of game journalism

    It's all about hiring the right people for the job. Luckily, we know what kind of people to avoid. If anyone on your staff exhibits any of the following, you've got a problem on your hands: - Talks about "privilege" - Has brightly colored dyed hair or "unique" hairstyle. - Seems to be...
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    Poll: Will you buy HATRED?

    This game is gonna get an AO rating. Probably won't help its chances of being sold... anywhere... Still, I'll give it a spin.
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    Poll: Do you like or dislike the Marvel movies?

    Like them. Even if you dislike the movies, you have to appreciate what Marvel is doing. Their Marvel Universe film project is the most ambitious project ever even attempted in cinematic history. This is more than a straightforward, single-story string of sequels. There are multiple storylines...
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    Your favourite boss in a video game

    Giygas - Earthbound Icon of Sin - Doom 2 The Final Colossus - Shadow of the Colossus Bowser - Super Mario World Most raid bosses - World of Warcraft
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    Fez Creator: YouTubers Are "Stealing" Content From Game Developers

    How about we all take a breath for a moment and actually have an intelligent discussion for a change? I have to sift through 20 posts full of bile for each coherent response. Phil Fish indeed has a point, if you would care to discuss.
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    Movies/TV series that made you cry?

    I have kept track of this kind of thing. I believe this is the complete list for me: Finding Nemo Wall-E Up Frequency Futurama Trigun Les Miserables (2012) Schindler's List I don't feel the need to explain myself.
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    Jimquisition: Tomodachi Strife

    This is why so many Japanese games never come to America.
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    Why the hell are companies so blind???

    The OP made his opinions known in an awkward way! He's having difficulty articulating his frustrations! Let's all jump on him and make him feel inferior! Oh wait, you already have. The truth is, the view from the top is very different from the view at ground level. We may never know why large...
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    Gamer Girls Magazine - Demeaning, sexist and racist!

    The amount of misogyny in this thread is appalling. Here is your proof that female gamers are brushed off as "fake girl gamers". Does your hatred know no end? Why are you so offended when a woman dares to play your beloved video games? Isn't there enough room for everyone? Females have...
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    Nintendo Says No To Same Sex Relationships For Tomodachi Miis

    Then I'll expect you'll wait a rather long while, if you think the word "terrorism" automatically implies physical violence. Shall I use a different word to describe the (string of random letters) community? How about religion.
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    Nintendo Says No To Same Sex Relationships For Tomodachi Miis

    No need to fly off the handle here. I believe it was William Shakespeare who said, "Calm thy tits." But yes. That is correct. Terrorism does not have to involve physical violence. For example, if a group makes people fear for their well being for expressing an unpopular opinion.
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    Nintendo Says No To Same Sex Relationships For Tomodachi Miis

    For some reason, I believed the readers of The Escapist were more intelligent than readers of most other websites. Turns out, they're just as rabid and reactionary as any other group. It's really a shame. For all the unnecessary hatred, threats, and misdirected rage this "LMNOPQ community"...