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    If you could become "augmented"...would you?

    I'd augment my legs, eyes, brain, and my left(off) arm. I'd leave the rest of me as is.
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    "I Don't Like X Because of the Fandom;" Why?

    Group X watches Show Y Group X is undesirable You want to watch Show Y, but you don't want to be a part of undesirable group X.
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    Time for three very special wishes!

    1: The ability to jump into different dimensions, universes, shows, books, movies etc. and set my own conditions. For example, I could say "I cannot die here" or "I can fly here" or something. 2 Self confidence. 3 I win the lottery, and several free food, free money, and free drink for life...
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    Poll: A Tricky Moral Dilemma

    Hmm, everyone else is willing to die for a chance at food. Oh well, they'll give me some anyway. Fuck that.
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    Is Michael Bay pulling a "Bamboozled" with the Transformers movies?

    His name was always Mr. Satan, they changed it in the dub for censorship. He did not make the filler episodes, he made the manga. However, if you say the Buu saga was due to this, you may have a point. I read somewhere he wanted Gohan to be the hero and for Goku to stay dead, but Goku was too...
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    What's it called when part of a song has just vocals and then the rest of the instruments come in

    For example, the first 12 seconds of this song: Google couldn't help me. And for discussion value, post songs that do that. I would ask for it in the title, but I ran out of room.
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    Cliches and Tropes In Movies That Really Annoy You

    The hell? A boob flash is an instant R rating here. Is it fine wherever you live in PG-13 movies(or whatever equivalent rating)?
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    Cliches and Tropes In Movies That Really Annoy You

    So people never kill in self defense? What about assassinating Osama bin Laden? We killed someone to stop him from killing people. Saying that doing something bad to stop something worse is wrong is just stupid.
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    Does anyone still like Naruto?

    I learn everything I know about the series from either what I read from the wiki or tv tropes, or learn playing the fighting games. I stopped watching a long time ago.
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    Don't Recommend Me an Anime

    He made it in response to a show called Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh. It's a deconstruction of everything that show does.
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    Don't Recommend Me an Anime

    That's the point. It's a deconstruction. And being unusual, dark, or sad doesn't make something bad.
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    Don't Recommend Me an Anime

    You haven't said any reasons why it was bad.
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    Don't Recommend Me an Anime

    The entire point of the cell saga was supposed to be for Goku to stay dead and Gohan, who was the strongest at the time of the cell saga, to take over. But people liked goku, so he stayed. But the entire series built up that Gohan was the strongest.
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    Don't Recommend Me an Anime

    Yeah, it is. I loved the original, but after watching brotherhood I can't even watch the original.
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    Don't Recommend Me an Anime

    Oh yeah, also school days is boring. Anyway, here are my replies to everyone: The original or Brotherhood? Give it a couple more episodes, it gets pretty good. Oh god that was shit. Good opening though. Yeah, but the first half was great. I don't like you as a person.