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    If I buy Bad Company 2 on Steam, will I be able to play its multiplayer?

    According to there are plenty of servers up right now. []
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    Big Huge Games Returns With Civilization-Inspired Strategy Game

    Oh man, all this post did was get my hopes up and remind me of how much fun I had with Rise of Nations. Oh well, luckily I still have my CD somewhere and Its also on steam. I should pick it up on the next sale... I'll leave this here if anyone else wants to get nostalgic.
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    World of Warcraft Player Reaches Level 90 Without Choosing a Faction

    Pretty sweet. Guy set himself a goal and he pulled it trough, good for him. Didn't know this could be done either. If he had fun doing this then that's cool, why would anyone call that a waste of time? I'm gonna guess that if he was having no fun at all he would have just quit. Hope Blizz gives...
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    "Appropriate" Phone Backgrounds

    Its still there on Dropbox, seems the direct link doesn't work for some reason. You used the img tags correctly tough, perhaps Dropbox doesn't allow hot linking or something. This so much man. Thinking about getting a 3DS anyway, but this would make me get one for sure. Actually started...
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    And people wonder why we have the term "gamer entitlement"?

    Paper money is actually made from 75% cotton and 25% linen. (Not that is matters, your argument stays the same.) OT: The reason pre-orders were invented is because there used to be an actual chance that your local retailer could sell out on the game really fast and you had to wait until they...
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    what the heck did they do to Raven's costume (and Raven in general) in the new DC 52?

    Okay, nice. Thanks for the info. A physical copy is kinda expensive to buy here in Europe. (At least from Amazon and eBay.) Its pretty cheap on, Ill have to see how much shipping is though. I can always get it in e-book form I guess, although I really prefer physical. Anyway...
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Will Be "Geo-Locked" To Conform With German Law

    Damn strait. Swastikas in books? Sure. In moves? No problem. In a game? WHY WONT SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN? Oh, and while were at it, might as will take out all the blood and anything we deem "offensive" then delay the game for, oh lest see, three weeks. Yeah, that sounds about right.
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    what the heck did they do to Raven's costume (and Raven in general) in the new DC 52?

    Okay, cool. I'll see if I can get a hold of it somehow. Is the entire story contained in that issue, or does it continue in others? I also continued reading the comics I have, and so far I cant complain. I think her personality plays out pretty much as you would expect.
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    Chilean Newspaper Lists Shenmue, Okami as Part of "Worst Games of All-Time"

    Oh, absolutely. Who knows what was going on in their heads when they wrote that article.
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    Chilean Newspaper Lists Shenmue, Okami as Part of "Worst Games of All-Time"

    Mine would include, maybe ET, most likely Big Rigs and possibly one of the new mobile "remakes" of older games. (See Dungeon Keeper ect...) I guess if you wanted to make an honest "worst ten games" list it would be filled with ten games that are simply not playable. But srsly, unless that...
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    what the heck did they do to Raven's costume (and Raven in general) in the new DC 52?

    Okay, first off I wanna say, that this is coming from someone who knows nothing about the DC universe. I read the Killing Joke, played some games, watched some movies and saw the Batman Animated series. That's really all I know. I did always like Harley Quinns character ever since I saw the...
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    Pet peeves that make you nerd rage

    I hate this one. Also goes for comics and games and such. And in addition, even if cartoon/comic/game was made for children, how does that make it bad and why am I not allowed to enjoy it? Is Mario Party made for kids? Maybe, doesn't mean me and some friends cant have a ton of fun with it...
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Trailer Pits Stealth Against Mayhem

    Gotta say, at first The New Order flew under my radar entirely. But with every new trailer I'm looking forward to this thing a little bit more. The stealth route gives me a very Dishonored vibe, most definitely the way Ill be going.
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    Jimquisition: Salt Of The Earth - A Steam Fail Story

    New backdrop looks absolutely gorgeous now! When you stand right in the middle, it looks like you have wings, very nice.
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    Europeans and Call of Duty: Is CoD a "thing" in your country?

    Huh. I'm from Köln and I do know quite a few people who get the newest CoD installment day one, or wondered which next gen. console to get for the sole reason of playing CoD. (well and FIFA) But when I think about it GTA, AC and FIFA are probably just as big. If I recall correctly I think there...