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    10 Awesome Magic Cards I'm Thankful Are Banned

    Some cool history behind Memory jar and Tinker: The reason the card was emergency banned was because of previous mechanics and cards that could generate a lot of mana, having a draw 7 and a search tool to get it meant it was statistically unlikely that you could NOT win the game by turn 2...
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    Nintendo Announces A Boatload of Super Smash Bros. Wii U Information

    Yeah, hopefully he's free to people that bought both but also available for some price on the store for people that don't. If not mewtwo the character will technically at least 35 dollars. And people thought horse armor was bad...
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    A point I had never considered about sexism in it really a valid point?

    Wow, the answer is literally in the splash art, I never even looked at it before, I thought it really was just a joke. But they made it work in a context that still fits riven!
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    Microsoft Defends Xbox One Parity Clause: "Xbox Owners Should Feel First-Class"

    either that, or force them to make it an xbox game first and then port it to other places first. Which is really the reason this clause exists to me.
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    Am I going to cry at the end of Mass Effect 3? No spoilers!

    Yep, the ending was shit, but at the end of the day it was really about the Journey and the characters, and they did a really well job on that end. Citadel was definitely Bioware realizing they could give us the goodbye we deserved.
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    Telltale's Latest Game of Thrones Teaser is Icy

    You play as Joffrey, he's a king, that should be fun.
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    Twitch Indicates Need for Transparency to Protect Viewers, Creators

    Ummm... this is great, haven't heard any backlash from this but I really like this. All that I ask for is transparency when it comes to things like this. I don't think Gamergate had anything to do with this but if every media place started being more transparent like this we wouldn't have that...
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    Alien: Isolation Review - Structural Perfection

    I was going to skip this one completely based on that stupid pre order DLC, but from hearing good things about it I will pick it up when they release the DLC (hopefully for free... haha). I get the feeling I'm going to have to do this for most of my games now, the pre order DLC looks great and...
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    Planetside 2: Removing the ability to crouch over corspes to prevent "sexually assaulting a corpse".

    Exactly, harassment and toxicity are one thing, but I don't see teabagging as anything other than a victory dance. And if you think people that win a game or something aren't entitled to a little dance or gloat, then you just don't understand competition. Now if the guy is sitting there on mic...
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    Jimquisition: It's Not A Video Game!

    Yeah I kind of got that idea as well from his video, but at the same time I feel like the point he was making has validity. I think Jim's point has validity too, in fact Jim's video has made me rethink my stance on this issue. I still think it comes down to classification like TB said. Perhaps...
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    Jimquisition: It's Not A Video Game!

    I think I'm more in line with what total biscuit said about the issue. I like using the term interactive experience to talk about these kinds of games, but I don't mean it in a derogatory way. Either that or call them games but have some way to classify them as more of an experience than a...
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    Movies you loved...but grew to dislike.

    Holy shit dude, you just reminded me of that movie. Oh wow... the feels. I need to go watch that movie again now. Everything just seems different.
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    The Changing Face of Journalism: How We Will Meet the Challenge

    In all honesty though I kind of expected this out of the escapist because you guys never did feel like the clickbait get views at all costs guys because you don't have intrusive advertisements. You guys always did feel different than Kotaku etc just for that reason. These new policies just...
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    Escape to the Movies: The Equalizer - A Near-Perfect Dad Movie

    Seriously, I thought his definition of "Dad" movie was spot on and I'm going to use it from now on. But as the video kept going it seemed like he had some sort of disdain for them, which I just felt was shameless considering he loves everything from his childhood and gushes about it as his job...
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    The Game...That Made You A Gamer.

    I never played it but my old neighbors used to have a nintendo, to this day i'm not sure if it was an SNES or just an NES, but it had megaman on it and I was hooked. I only ever watched them play but it was fantastic. From there I got an n64 for christmas and Diddy Kong racing was the game I...