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    8 Weird Sports Games that Actually Exist

    No kudos to Deathrow? Deathrow is set in the year 2219, where Blitz is the world's most popular sport. Players attempt to toss a disc through a hoop while avoiding full-contact from their opponents, including punches, kicks, throws, and stomps. Like a futuristic rugby, the sport combines...
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    U.S. Navy to Test Star Wars Rail Gun in 2016

    Just throwing it out there from being in a seagoing service. Pretty sure it is "sea trials" not "seal trials" as was used multiple times in the article.
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    11 Percent Of Americans Think HTML Is an STD

    I wouldn't want HTML 5. Thats like Hepatitis B and Herpes Simplex 2 combined!
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    Rumor: New Matrix Film Trilogy in the Works

    Might want to update the article "The Wachowski siblings" would be more accurate. They aren't exactly brothers anymore.
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    No Right Answer: Most Uninteresting Game Genre

    Deathrow was a fantasy sports game on the original Xbox and was fantastic as well. Except facing the demon or ninja teams. Jerks. Never got the credit it deserved.
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    Shia LaBeouf Throws in The Towel, Retires From "Public Life"

    <youtube=8IXCK1EyP4s> Such a terrible loss for the industry. /facepalm
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    Good Old Reviews: Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

    This is one of the few games I read the books for, and they are fantastic and very cheap to get used. Nerve stapling was described in the third novel Dragon Sun as basically "stapling" (as in a staple gun) a metal disk between vertebra in the back of the neck using some sort of harness that...
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    How do you deal with undesired emotions?

    Option 1: Alcohol and social network stalking. Option 2: Exercise and placing yourself in situation where initiating social interaction is required (charity work, sports, college club) Sounds like you need to cast off some social dead weight, and sadly this could include some attachment to...
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    Naked pictures: why take them?

    I'd say the obvious solution is to federally mandate everyone update a nude front and side profile picture to a national registry once a year starting at the age of 18. Full public access. Jokes aside, it is the double edge of modern concepts of privacy. It is a behavior so prevalent that...
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    Poll: 61 Percent of Britons Believe Games Cause Violence

    "I'm against things I don't do!" - Everyone "Everything that I didn't have growing up ruins lives!" - Old people "I don't think any of you know what 'cause' actually means." -Scientist
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    Fox News Host Wants to Monitor Your Gaming Habits

    Seung-Hui Cho is listed by the newscast as being addicted to video games. He didn't play games at all and was even considered weird for not doing so.
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    James Spader Cast as Ultron in Avengers Sequel

    I would like him play Ultron as E. Edward Grey from "Secretary." It would definitely spice up the series.
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    Xbox One's Policy Reveal, According To Microsoft's Whitten

    Getting better Microsoft, now just add a way to disable the Kinect. I don't care if you put in Spaceballs the Game 2: The Search For More Money and it requires you to activate it for the game but I don't want guests in my living room or bedroom being an involuntary Nielson Family.
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    Microsoft "Has Alienated" the U.S. Military With Xbox One

    I am active duty Coast Guard and have spent six months each of the last five years underway and nowhere near an unofficial Internet connection. I'll tell you right now even the smallest cutters (coast guard ships 65' or greater) go out for at least a week at a time. There will be no Xbones...
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    Lucasarts Games that Deserve Another Shot

    I am surprised there is so little pull for The Dig to be remade, or at least given the Telltale touch. Few games from that period embodied the rich layers of philosophy that The Dig was able to display and present it to a 13+ audience. Also, it was a really fun and dark game. I think that...