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    Good series/games/movies that are hard to recommend because of specific reasons.

    I loved Asura's Wrath, but I pretty much don't advise it to people because, well, even I don't call it a game- it's more of a "Vaguely interactive media experience," which isn't really what most people want. Anyway, I have a hard time advising Touhou, or any Doujin schmup, really, because of...
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    "Well That Didn't Take Long"

    Dude, I didn't even make it to the game. I played the demo, remembered going "Wow, this is... absolute shit," And uninstalling it. In like 10 or so minutes. And I only lasted that long because I kinda wanted to see if it was actually physically possible to beat the demo because I kept like...
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    "Bone-Conducting Headphones" Are a Thing That Exist Now

    This is a thing that existed in the 1980's. It worked somewhat differently, but here: It was a scarf that had speakers that pumped the sound into your collarbone to transfer up into your head. As you can imagine, it wasn't exactly a hot...
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    Villainy 101

    It's shrapnel. This doesn't even really count as a spoiler, because they tell you like 5 minutes in, but it's shrapnel from when he got caught in the explosion of Paz's body at the end of Ground Zeroes. It was embedded in his skull (and brain) in such a way that they can't remove it for fear of...
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    Escape to the Movies: Edge of Tomorrow - Tom Cruise Is Cool Again

    Does the movie still have the bad ending from the book? Because I kind of hate the ending from the book, though, apparently it's for utterly different reasons than most people (which I was surprised about).
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    Taking Lessons From South Park - How To Not Ruin an Adaptation

    I like how you're not even beating aroud the bush anymore and you're just straight up name dropping FuckBastard McCoy-er, Gabriel(1) in these articles. Anyway, I think the conclusion you came to, that there is no set method outside of general basic rules like, you know, actually having an...
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    Zero Punctuation: South Park: The Stick of Truth - Yes, There Really Were Crying Koalas

    Yes. Yes you did. I came here to bring that up as well. EDIT: Wow. Not only was I ninja'd, my response was ninja'd, as was the beginning of my post. That's freaking weird.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

    Bob actually seems kind of into it (on his blog). He just hates the title, because the original title of the Japanese Light Novel it's based on is "All you need is Kill." Which is an amazing title. Light Novel. The Manga is coming in 2014.
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    Who is the best swordsman in fiction?

    Nope. In the Nasu-verse there are several better swordsmen then her, though they tend to be less powerful in some other way- for example, while it never outright says it, it's implied that Lancelot (while sane) is actually a better swordsman (if only slightly), but is slightly lower ranked in...
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    You have become the main character in the last game that you played.

    Wonder Eyes Red. Fuck yeah. I can dig that. I'm basically a Power Ranger, but way better. And, since he's part of the Wonderful 101, there would be 100 others like me. We could actually be a real Super Sentai. Or hate each other. Probably that one.
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    Feed Dump: Holidays, Pants and Problems

    Holy shit Taka! I am totally okay with this. Taka having more regular appearances on their work is a yes.
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    "... Because, its faster than Walking!"

    No, it's quicker. I've actually done a number of tests to prove it (at least in OoT and MM). For example, if you don't role, you can't make it from the entrance of the Kokiri Forest to Hyrule Castle Town before night, but if you do, you can. This has been tested several (hundred) times. Walking...
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    Sam the Man - Part II

    Never mention Legend of the Seeker. It was terrible, and this is coming from someone who actively tried to ignore the bad parts and like the whole, and failed. Badly. That isn't to say that the series it is based off of, "The Sword of Truth" series, is perfect. Far from it (it's always been...
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    Religion in games. What games are worth playing?

    El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. It's loosely based around the Apocryphal Book of Enoch, which is (mostly) considered to be a non-canon story within Judaism (it is primarily a Jewish text, though I think the only people who really study it and accept it as canon are in Christian...
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    Anime Review: Soul Eater, Vol. 1

    You are talking to a person who thinks NieR is one of the greatest games of all time because it's story is so relentlessly depressing and, once you really understand it and come to know what has happened, relentlessly cruel to basically everyone involved. Seriously, everything in that game...