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    does your level of expertise in a certain subject affect how you watch films/ play games etc

    It was NCIS that did this. Video games, grammar, physics and general logic. That scene in Charlies Angels 2 where the kids are playing final fantasy 8 talking about boobies. They don't have any GFs junctioned >.< I can understand there are no GF runs but that seems a little unlikely in this...
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    Most devastating loss of a save file

    Brother erased my 100% banjo-kazooie file, I accidentally saved over a 100+ hour FFVIII file that I was maybe 6 curse spikes short of shockwave pulsar and a "completionist 100% file"
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    Hey anime fans, is the Dragon Ball series actually revered as a good anime?

    Ultimately, it isn't an awful anime in the sense that the fun/awesome moments crop up often enough to make sure it stays entertaining. There is however better, deeper anime out there which will depend on your tastes. After watching something like death note (which appeals to me because of the...
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    Characters that you disliked, but grew to like in the end.

    Agree quite a bit with this. Hope had some pretty legit character development compared to the rest of the cast, it is probably why he had such a major role in XIII-2 as he was the only one that people would believe actually did something substantial with his life. War from Darksiders...
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    whats people's problem

    "however, i cannot stand idle as people are hated for who they are, because i do know that feeling, and it's not pleasant." Dunno who said it, it is somewhere in this thread and it is quoted so yeh, this here hits the nail on the head, not because of the statement it makes (which is a very...
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    So, way back in primary school (early 90s) we had a game on the single PC the classroom had and while I am pretty sure I know the games name, I am not 100% sure. Description as follows from what I can remember Petras Dream (I think) There were a series of stages (maybe 5 or 6 in total) where...