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    Poll: According to my peers, PC gaming is inferior to consoles.

    You don't need expert knowledge and a yearly £500 upgrade when you've got a console.

    Ubisoft ask's where the next Assassin's Creed should be set

    Personally, I'd like to see one set in Medieval India (you could hire Monkeys instead of thieves), or pre-industrial England and/or Europe. Paris would be a good setting, with the architecture and kind of cloak and dagger theatricism... Notre Dame would be awesome to climb, and the Eiffel Tower...

    Psychadelic crazies, share your thoughts!

    Okay... I know that spacey Hippy types are something of a minority around these here parts, and as such I don't see many threads that particularly interest me, so I thought I'd start a more "out there" thread for the other bored trippy weirdoes, for ideas, musings, theories or maybe just a good...

    Don't wear the American Flag on your shirt in California schools, you might offend the Mexicans.

    Divide and conquer tactics. It's the same with Muslims in England, they don't have any problems with the flag, but "the man" wants us to think they do so we'll hate them. I'm sad to say it generally works... What a fucked up world we live in...

    What's your favourite game soundtrack?

    Surprised nobody's mentioned Silent Hill yet. Particularly 2 and 4.

    Poll: Skyrim; Empire or. Rebels?

    All I can say on that matter is, gimme a Sword and some arse-kickin' boots, cover me in Woad and kick me to the frontline! "Live for something real! Fight for something real! Die for something real! FFRREEEEEEDDOOOOOM!!!!"

    Poll: Who is in the right here?

    If you're gonna be a dick, face the consequences. Simple as.

    Linux. Jesus Christ.

    Alright, here's the skinny. I've somehow ended up with Linux, and me being (for lack of a better term) a computer retard, it's not going too great. However, all would be forgiven if it weren't for the lack of support for ALL of the software I've spent the last five years getting used to...

    Poll: How Do You Justify Music Piracy?

    The way I see it, a real Musician just wants their Music to be heard. Don't get me wrong, if I had the money I'd buy all the CDs I could afford, but I used to buy my music from pawnshops anyway, so the bands never saw any of the profits even when I was getting it legally. Music is my life, I...

    Poll: Escapists Everywhere: What's you secret fetish?

    I like Ginger girls and Japanese girls. And Southern Irish accents. And cute young (legal, just not old) Nuns who believe me to be the second coming, and who will soon come to believe that "God" invented pleasure for a reason. Dunno if that's what you're looking for, but I think they're the...

    Inside the psyche of the computer smart -arse.

    Some people would rather get advice from another human being than read a help file that probably won't have the answer they need anyway. Some people also like to devote their lives to things other than computers. If your time is too important to help the likes of a luddite, why bother wasting...

    What is this song?

    It kinda sounds like an Acoustic version of a System of a Down track with the vocals removed, though I have no idea which one. I've heard it on Scuzz loads'a times though, so it shouldn't be to hard to find on Youtube. EDIT: Apparently my suspicions were wrong, but that tune is fucking ace! way...

    I need a list of "cruising" music.

    I'd say Rammstein, Kidneytheives, Skinny Puppy, White Zombie (basically any Industrial), MGMT, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, and any late 60s - early 70s Psyche Rock.

    Inside the psyche of the computer smart -arse.

    Hello people. I haven't posted here for a fair ol' while, partially because of a somewhat turbulent relationship with the various internet companies, that and the last time I really posted I ended up in a massive argument with most of the Escapist population... Anyhoo, I'm back to talk about a...

    What is Your Favourite Album Cover?

    Amorphis's Tales From The Thousand Lakes (that's all I can think of for now anyway). Sorry, I can't be arsed to try to remember how to embed images at the mo'. It's worth checking the link though, it's a wicked cover.