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    EA thinks gamers don't enjoy single player games anymore.....

    I recently got Divinity Original Sin 2 and I haven't done any of the multiplayer stuff yet. Multiplayer only games are pretty boring. For me, particularly, shooters like Overwatch and Doom or whatever, repetitive 30 second play times with obscene amounts of deaths and revives isn't very fun or...
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    In brief defence of Final Fantasy 8

    My personal review of FF8: I like the game so I'll start with the the negative bits first. The junctioning system isn't complex, it's just tedious. Even if you max magic so you only need to [Draw] 9 (or 10? Whatever) times per spell, which is it's maximum alloted amount you can Draw per...
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    The thing I envy about MMORPGs is that they all have the most awesome settings.

    I have some major issues with MMORPGs. First one, they seem to be anti-RPGs in terms of story driven content, from what I experienced. Typical RPGs, you are motivated and continue to progress with the story. In MMOs, you grind until you can do content. Or the content is a grind for mindlessly...
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    If you were raised today would you still be into gaming?.

    Gaming is everywhere and free. The thing is, I see that kids are less into gaming as the 'be all, end all' thing that everyone wants to do. When I was a kid and there was gaming and nothing else, all I and everyone else wanted to do was play games. But on the other hand, it seems like it's so...
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    Writer's block

    Solution: Kill off the character you last wrote about. Spontaneously. As a joke to the chapter. Like, "AAH HEART ATTACK! It's Death note!" Or have them kill someone. Cut the entire addition if you don't like the direction it goes.
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    A new golden age for gaming?

    The goldenest Golden Age of gaming was probably the SNES era. (Hence, why the recently released and otherwise unobtainable Snes Classic is such a hot item) PS2 and the late-in-it's-life-cycle Xbox gets the Silver. Nes/PS1 are tied for bringing new life into gaming but had some bad qualities...
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    SNES Classic. Once again, no one can get it

    The amount of locations and people in your city/town, whatever, could really impact the availability in your areas. I got mine but I decided to wait in line (3rd in line) and wait hours for the store to open. 1 per person so there was plenty enough. After the store opened, only three people...
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    Attractive in mirror but ugly on photo?

    Your mind actually tricks you into believing your more attractive than you actually are when it recognizes that the reflection is yourself. A picture on the other hand isn't a reflect, it's a copy of what the camera saw. Other differences are your eyes will adjust the lights whereas a camera...
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    I Idiotically Deleted my D: drive. How Bad is That?

    I couldn't delete mine which was a little irritating. A giant chunk of wasted space really. Well, a small piece really. Realistically, it's not like you can delete a portion of the actual harddrive from being unusable. You merely remove the contents from being accessible and easily over...
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    8 Games We Wish We'd Seen at E3 2017

    Final Fantasy VII Remake, Hitman Season 2, Death Stranding, Borderlands 3, The Last of Us Part II, Respawn or Visceral's Star Wars Game, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077. Why does the click-trap have to be separated into 8 pages when it can fit into 1 or 2? I'd have loved to see me...
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    Dragonball FighterZ - arc system works are making a dbz fighter for non-handheld consoles/pc!

    This looks like it'll be the best Dragonball Z game to ever be made. It looks exactly how I envisioned my favorite ideal gameplay. Street Fighter controls would be nicest. The Marvel vs Capcom influences are also nice. Very short charge-ups versus those SFV minute long always the same...
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    Let's Talk Top 5 RPG's

    My top 5; #1: Final Fantasy 6 #2: Diablo 2 #3: Fallout: New Vegas #4: Dragon Age: Origins #5: Elderscrolls: Oblivion By majority, the best of it's series or company because I don't want to put 10 different Final Fantasy games on the list. I'm also mostly going by the amount of time I...
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    This is not an April Fools Joke, this is real.

    Classic Tom and Jerry is probably the direct inspiration for The Simpson's "Itchy and Scratchy" show. It was quite violent compared to most cartoons these days. Jerry would smash Tom's head in with a mallet frequently. You'd see him recoil from the hit. Then he'd laugh. Now-a-days, you either...
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    League of Legends May Get Built-In Voice Chat Soon

    People with annoying voices, accents, slurping drinks, burping or people trying to talk to people who auto-mute for avoid that and eliminate communications via in-game-text or pings.
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    Why...... (Ask any person in the world Why?)

    After Trumps presidency ends with the world as we know it, we can ask him why.