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    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel's "Bogan Shotgun" is The Most Australian Joke Ever

    bogans exist outside 'strya, new zealand has them as well, but they are basically the same
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    Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor 25% Off Deal for the PC

    Nuuvem has it cheaper at 28 USD
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    Edge of Tomorrow Bombed at the Box Office... So Warner Bros Renamed It (Again)

    thats interesting that it apparently bombed. since when i saw it a week after release the theater was still pretty full (which never happens normally). then again I'm not in the US
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    Report: PS4 Outselling Xbox One 3-to-1 considering that was basically how it was marketed outside the US, i doubt it is doing well. Game Industry News ran a story on how it was getting stomped in Europe, Asia and Oceania(Aus and NZ)
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    The Elder Scrolls Online "Dupe Bug" Takes Guild Banks Offline - Update

    if you had a fast mouse finger and like to click stuff this can get you banned. thats the level this is at.
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    NASA Suspends Contact with Russia, Except for the ISS

    russia wins that round? seriously what can the US do.
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    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor's Orcs Are Dumber on Last Gen Systems

    its not processor intesive. its mempry intensive. the PS3 only has 256mbs of ram, and theirs pelenty of stories of the massive hacks required to let games remeber with it (or failing, see skyrim, and why no new boderlands 2 DLC) the 360 isn't any better
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    Oculus Names Former EA Exec as Head of Worldwide Publishing

    as much as people might hate it, this guys sounds like he knows his shit. you don't do 7 years in the partner prgram for EA without making contacts and right now thats what the OR needs. when they launch they need some big draw cards, something to stop the wii U effect. Getting something like...
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    Oculus Rift Raises a Further $75 Million

    i see this, i see arma 3, i buy one. now why is my money not entering the screen?
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    X Rebirth Studio Boss Apologizes For Buggy Launch

    not really. its almost ceratin that they have had at least 2 versions that have been almost completely scraped its also a almost comepltely new engine, with multicore support and a new graphics render system. thats several years work alone
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    Microsoft VP Credits Valve With "Keeping the PC Ecosystem Strong"

    win 8.1 has 2 major issues; 1. its completly screwed the mouse DPI inputs, making games that read off the windows interpretation unplayable 2. its completely fucked the page file system on alot of the large adress aware games. it cuases a constant 50mb per second dump to the page file...
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    Microsoft VP Credits Valve With "Keeping the PC Ecosystem Strong"

    most of the direct x stuff is now being done with the xbox in mind as the primary reason , or as a way to move shit OS's. and considering several "features" of win 8.1 make gaming on it hard to impossible, cynical outlooks might be the proper one
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    Microsoft VP Credits Valve With "Keeping the PC Ecosystem Strong"

    Droped the ball? they tried to fucking smash it so that every one had to play on a console, preferably a xbox. the day windows isn't the only mass market gaming OS, will be a good day
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    Infinity Ward Confirms Call of Duty: Ghosts At 720p On Xbox One, 1080p On PS4

    thats down to latency, and their was a post on neogaf that suggested they had overcome alot of that. its going to be very intresting to see what happens in the next year with GDDR5, since it may become main stream
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    Americans, what's so great about the Imperial System?

    you need a calculator to divide by 1000? okay...