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    Zero Punctuation: The Evil Within - As Bad as Bad Horror Games Can Get

    I thought Yahtzee would finally bring some clarity to this game for me, but just like every other review I've seen it only makes me want to play it even more. Despite saying that it's a bad game, he sure made it sound appealing, even though he was saying it in an angry way. The consistent...
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    DC Finally One-Ups Marvel: Wonder Woman Announced For 2017

    The best thing about this news is that now maybe Marvel will feel pressured to finally get a female superhero movie out there. It's really embarrassing that they were willing to bet big money on a talking space racoon before ms marvel or she hulk. You know, I'm really shocked they didn't get...
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    First Trailer For Pixar's Inside Out

    Lewis Black as anger sold the movie for me. Well it is a pixar movie so I was gonna see it anyway, but still, this is like Marlon Brando in Godfather level perfect casting.
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    The Marvelous 90s in Marvel Cartoons

    Despite growing up on 90s cartoons I somehow managed to miss X-Men AND the entire DC animated universe (this has since been rectified). However I religiously watched 90s Spiderman, and still vividly remember the characters, plot lines, and voices despite not watching it since it went off air...
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    The Big Picture: Dumbsday, Part 2 - The Reign of the Supermen

    I gotta be honest, none of what you described in this video or part 1 sounded that particularly bad to me, in fact it sounded pretty boss. Of course I don't actually read comics so I guess that makes my opinions less than worthless, but I just felt I needed to say that after watching both...
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    The Big Picture: Dumbsday, Part 1 - The Death of Superman

    Superman wasn't killed by one of his classic villains and his death had no overall greater meaning, and that automatically makes it bad? The only way I'd agree with that is if the death was permanent, no more superman comics, nothing. DEAD dead. Of course that will never happen and I'm sure...
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    Bob's Burgers Wins First Animation Emmy

    It's about time, as was said Bob's Burgers is by far the best show on the fox lineup. It's a damn shame that it always looses out in ratings against all the other shows that it's vastly superior to.
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    Original Digimon Heroes Will Return For New Anime Series in 2015

    My hype balloon partially deflates when I remind myself that the second season, a direct sequel to the first containing older versions of the original cast along side the new one, is easily the weakest of the first four seasons. I have yet to watch the fifth and sixth seasons, but I will before...
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    Space dandy: Good or overrated crap?

    It's so damn good, but it took me until about half way through the first season to truly appreciate how smart it really is though. The first episode of the second season alone is better than most of the anime I've seen in the past couple years.
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    Zero Punctuation: Tomodachi Life - Nintendo Life Simulator

    Yes but more importantly who married Slippery John? I won't be able to sleep well until I know.
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    The Big Picture: Leave Michael Bay Alone

    While I agree with all of your points, it has to be said that just because the pigs want it doesn't make the feeder any less guilty.
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    New Guardians of the Galaxy Poster Showcases Rocket and Groot Here you go, some Rocket goodness and Groot says his one and only line.
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    Ant-Man Death Watch: Rawson Thurber Reportedly Passes On Director Job

    As if Wright leaving the movie wasn't bad enough, now this...this...shenanigans going on afterward is just the worst. I was looking forward to Antman even more than I was Avengers 2, but now I'm dreading it. If only Antman came out when it was supposed to instead of Iron Man 2...and I'm not...
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    Batman: Arkham Knight Release Delayed Until 2015

    I may be saddened by this news, but my bank account feels really relieved since now I don't have to buy a next gen (or CURRENT gen whatever you know what I mean) console this year.
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    LeVar Burton Wants to Bring Back Reading Rainbow

    I was all ready to throw my money at Levars handsome face only to find it's been fully funded on the same day it was started. Not to mention that all the signed head shots are already gone, so short of me striking oil in my bathroom in the next 34 days, my $5 donation will have to do. I...