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    BioShock Creator "Sad" Over ME3's Ending Scandal

    Of course, she and Bioware is allowed to end the series any way they see fit. Rowling indeed contemplated killing Harry or Ron at the end. But my point still stands, had she choosen to kill everyone at the end, fans wouldn't be happy. She chose an ending, which explained a lot of stuff, tied...
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    BioShock Creator "Sad" Over ME3's Ending Scandal

    How can he compare the ending of ME3 to Harry Potter? If J.K. Rowling decided to finish off the Harry Potter series by Harry killing Voledmort, which would result in a massive explosion wiping out everyone in Hogwarts, there would be the same outrage.
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    BioWare Slays Dragon Age II Expansion

    Good riddance, while I loved DA:O I couldn't wait to finish up the main story of DA2, I consider it to be one of the worst games I've ever played. It was just so tedious to be stuck in the same 4 environments the whole time and get side quests without any context whatsoever. Glad to see them...
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    The Xbox 720

    I wouldn't want a modular console even if it was cheaper than a regular one. I switched to console gaming from PC, because I got tired of messing around with graphics settings every time I got a new game only to have it crash to windows or slow down at some moments so I had to go back and change...
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    Game of the Year 2011

    While Skyrim deserves the game of the year stamp. I've put some 50 hours into that game and I am far from finished and I'm enjoying every moment of it. Also I think Dragon Age 2, shouldn't have made even the mentions list. The game was so lazily designed, I had to force myself to finish it. The...
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    Xbox LIVE hack doing the rounds

    My account was hacked yesterday. Exactly the same thing, couldn't login to XBLA, Fifa 12 DLCs with some achievements. I logged in and removed my credit card from the payment options (my 12 month gold membership was paid with a prepaid card) and changed the password. I got an email early...
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    Zero Punctuation: Resistance 3

    Great review, the game looks fun. Finally a first person shooter with med-kits and unlimited weaponry at your disposal. I'll be very likely to pick up a copy once I'm done with my gaming backlog.
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    Who Still Watches Extra Credits?

    I watched it while they were on youtube and I haven't watched an episode since they moved away from youtube. I visit Penny Arcade only rarely and I still keep coming to Escapist for MovieBob shows, ZP, Critical Miss and since Jim calmed down a bit I've enjoyed Jimquisition quite a bit as well.
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    Zero Punctuation: Driver: San Francisco

    Well, I'm genuinely surprised that Yahtzee ended up liking the game. I wasn't sure about the teleporting to any car you want mechanic from the early reviews, but it looks to improve the pacing of the game quite a bit. So I think I'll give it a try.
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    Blizzard Says No to Console Cash-in Games

    That's a shame, there's no real reason not to port a game to consoles (360/PS3), other than to please the "hardcore" PC gamers. Oh well, I'll spend my time playing Skyrim for the next couple of months.
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    Zero Punctuation: Deus Ex

    I was waiting all through the video for him to say and now on to the Human Revolutions, oh well. But I quite liked the history detour, similar thing to what MovieBob does, well done.
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    Zero Punctuation: Catherine

    Great episode, I was laughing quite hard at the "experience from real relationships" bit, well played Yahtzee.
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    Escape to the Movies: Final Destination 5

    The invisible aliens movie might not be bad afterall. Best horrors indeed are the ones, where you don't know what/who the the monsters is. Final Destination is a bit meh of a movie. The last one I saw in 3D wasn't actually that impressive, so I might pass on this one.
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    Critical Miss: Conan the Barbarian

    Did she make the face because of the movie or because of the butt popcorn :)?
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    Xbox Co-Creator Says Consoles Have Won

    My impression is that he means that gaming has won over every gadget imaginable, so that everything is now a console. And I would agree with this, I have many iPhone apps, but 70% of them are games.