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    Books that gave you the feels

    More Crimson Guard!!! More Darujistahn!!! More Seguleh!!!!! Wooooooooooooooooo!
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    Books that gave you the feels

    Oh god, The Book of the Fallen. Too many feels I say!!! Dust of Dreams and Crippled God are in a league of their own though, so enjoy that :P Aside for bits you havent got to yet, i agree with pretty much every point you made, and a few besides; watching Crokus realise that he'd made himself...
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    Can I run Shadow of Mordor?

    Long story short, I want this game, and I want it now! But I'm always cautious with new PC games, since I really can't go wasting money on games that I can't play. Basically, I need opinions from people who know what they're doing when it comes to hardware. Soooo, my laptop setup is...
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    Somebody please explain this joke to me

    You sir, have made my day
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    Your Favorite Game Build - Any Game

    When I played Fable 2, back in the day, I stumbled on an exploit that made me literally invincible so long as I could still attack. Combining a master forged katana with the Ghoul and Lucky Charm augments, I produced a sword which as far as I could tell, completely refilled my health with every...
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    Games that have incomprehencible stories (Or at least ones you don't understand...)

    I played CS:Extend, which is the whole of CS + Plus all of the true scenarios from Calamity Trigger(the first one) so I probably had a more solid grounding at the start of CS than you. It gets kinda confusing even then, especially when you realise that even the events that do fit together aren't...
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    Games that have incomprehencible stories (Or at least ones you don't understand...)

    Blazblue isn't really that confusing once you remember that every event, battle and ending (good, bad and gag) are all events that have/will occur in at least one timeline. Each time a conclusion is judged to be unsatisfactory (read: every time), the timeline resets by 1 year and the scenario...
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    Marvel Giving Thor's Hammer New Female Friendly Inscription

    I can't believe it took 8 posts to get to that
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    8 Anime Series on Netflix You Should Spend Your Holiday Watching

    If you can stomach the art style, Sidonia is a brilliant series, but the all-CG approach pushed me away. I highly recommend the manga though, which has a much more detailed style and much more content overall. If you liked Sidona, or you're a fan of creepy-ass cyborgs and obscenely powerful...
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    What do you think Zaheer motive/ goal is? (Legend of Korra)

    I'm sure that Tenzin mentioned that they tried to kill Korra shortly after she was born, and Zaheer mentioned that his goal was a world "free of the avatar" (or something similar) just before he broke out of prison. If I'm remembering right, that pretty much puts paid to them wanting to use...
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    The stars are right... for another superpower lottery thread!

    Sooooo... Gravity Embodiment. In effect, he becomes the force of gravity itself, able to simply alter his effect on any point in the universe. This allows complete control over gravity, both of himself and anything around him, as well as limited time manipulation. With a few exceptions, I...
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    Gigantic Insect Found in China Will Give You Nightmares

    Iratus bug!!!!! It's begun! Fetch me my particle magnum!
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    Soccer World Cup Teams Given Anime Girl Mascots

    Something very... Trigger-ish about these designs. Still, gotta love the UK one, particularly the whole "Come any closer and I will cave in your skull" air she gives off. Ahhhh, my dear homeland (hums "Rule Britannia") France is pretty cool too, and the Netherlands have a robot lion...
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    I'm a rip someone off- Sword appreciation thread

    There's lots of cool swords in the world, thanks to humanity's endless penchant for killing one another, but I find the further back you go, to cooler you get. Case in point, the Egyptians favourite bit of sharp metal... the khopesh...
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    How Many Games Can You Recognize in This Blur Studio FX Video?

    I saw bits of the Prey 2 trailer. Now, I feel sad.