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    Which fictional character would you like to meet the most?

    Sanguine, the Daedric Prince of Debauchery and Hedonism. If anyone can pull off an AMAZING dinner, it's this cosmic deity!
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    So long as it's smothering an inch deep layer of vegemite on toast, it's all good. Yes I am a cheese slut.
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    It's time to find another forum for us to go...

    You know that feeling when a ship you've been traveling on for ages comes to port, and you step off for a few weeks to do some other stuff. You come back, and the boat is on fire with all your friends and acquaintances having an improvised Purge, and you feel left out? I'm feeling something...
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    How do you prefer english speakers pronounce your language?

    As an Australian learning German in my spare time, I would probably make a native speaker cry. But, at the same time, I would like to at try speaking German, if only at first. I realise that the other person most likely speaks English wonderfully, but it still makes me feel a bit shitty that...
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    Split - Is M. Night Shyamalan Back?

    Q. "Is M. Night Shyamalan back?" A. No. No he is not. That was a misleading title for the article, wasn't it?
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    Archer Will End at Season 10

    'Well' end...? Anyway, Always good to see a series have a well thought out ending planned for it. Good to see it's not going to get cancelled halfway through a resolution or suffer a fate like the Simpsons. It's been great while it lasted!
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    Recommend me some VR games for a non-gamer

    Yeah, that was where my thoughts went as well. I guess what I should say when I say 'games' is 'experiences' or something.
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    Recommend me some VR games for a non-gamer

    Hey all, To make a long story short, I'm entertaining my grandmother over the weekend. As a part of that, I thought to show her my Oculus and get her to try it. To that end, what are some Rift compatible games that are a) easy on the stomach, b) relatively simple and c) enjoyable to play...
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    If you had to live in any fictional universe, which?

    The world of the 'Culture' series by Ian Banks. Centuries of hedonism honestly doesn't seem so terrible to me...
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    Congress is Really Worried Hackers Will Attack Self-Driving Cars

    I swear they did an episode on CSI on something like this. It was an absolutely stupid episode. Well, I suppose regulation have to come in to it somewhere. Just keeping the software offline should do it. Good to know lawmakers haven't descended into a blind panic YET.
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    Anime: Its time for the Plot!

    To be sure, all these jubblies are quite entertaining. However, are there any examples of 'good' male fanservice? I ask for reasons...
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    New Kingdom Hearts 3 World Revealed: Big Hero 6

    To be fair, most of them have already been covered several times over. It's nice to see them breaking new ground, and not repeating the same bloody stories. Personally, I wouldn't mind having the Emperors New Groove in there somewhere. It'd be a great change of pace, even if Eartha Kitt can't...
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    Sir Patrick Stewart Wants Whale Snot, A Kickstarter

    "Note: Sir Patrick Stewart does collect whale snot for his personal use." Suuuure he doesn't... *wink wink* Still, nice! Though I wonder if a whale exhaling all over a small drone won't knock it out of the sky. Great way to lose an expensive piece of kit.
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    Poll: Skyrim: Empire or Stormcloaks?

    There was always something that made me think regarding the overarching conflict, as it were. Say Skyrim goes independent, right? What if, at a later date, the Dominion senses weakness in the Empire, and invades Cyrodiil again to finish it off. Wouldn't Skyrim STILL move in to defend their...
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    Reddit CEO Resigns Following User Revolt

    Is it 'reigns' or 'resigns'? They don't mean the same thing! Other than that, it's refreshing to see an unpopular leader actually take their head out of their ass and listen to the people for once.