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    10 Ways Civ: Beyond Earth Is Nothing Like Civilization V

    Still no Alpha Centauri. That said I'll likely be dropping another 50 on this game, stupid sexy Firaxis.
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    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Sends Heroes into the Shadows

    So rather than kill Simmons they opted to put her on a bus? And not _the_ bus, just a bus. Glad to see that reflexive fear of "nerd rage"-magnet tropes is alive and well in the TV side of Marvel's stuff now too.
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Plays Like MMO Dungeon Crawl

    So... game over then. On a serious note I've yet to play a BioWare game that wasn't enjoyable so I look forward to single player but with the way that the MP and the system around seems integrated I can't see the old modding community being able to do as much to address the armour art design...
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    I am a feminist....and this is hilarious.

    I was primarily criticizing the script there but your point is well taken. Seen from the perspective I was looking at it, scripting/storyboarding the phrase "stick a rod in her mouth and design the face just so" is totally lazy.
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    I am a feminist....and this is hilarious.

    That's just plain lazy art design. It doesn't seem to do anything for the scene, I looked up the context, and just exists for the quick hit so that people appropriately assume what the designer was intending to convey. No attempt to actually make it part of a story just "LOOK AT THIS! REACT...
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    Doctor Who As Watched By Someone Who Doesn't Really Watch Doctor Who

    You're spot out about the "Fuck you" to the fanbase Bob. Moffat has done similarly in Sherlock, he doesn't endorse or entirely understand the eh... fan-fiction involving sex thing.
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    Fast and Furious 6 Gets UK Movie Pirate 33 Month Jail Term

    The important bit to note in this case is that he then sold his poorly made cam recording for money, this is undoubtedly why the sentence was as harsh as it was. There is a massive legal gulf between "I took a copy of this" and "I sold a copy of this".
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    Legend of Korra: Book Three Finale Review: Korra Rolls On

    "Korra Rolls On", that's harsh man. I've felt like they've been avoiding pulling the trigger on certain things (as in "Lets create an in universe way for Jinora to live on as a Spirit and still be in the show buuuut lets just use the DExM and leave it there".) for quite a while, they did it...
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    Weekend Box-Office: Marvel's Guardians Take Back Top Spot

    Good films are popular? Madness. As an aside Guardians is massively helped by how goddamn personable its leading man is. Visits sick kids in full costume? Check. Spends a good bit of time actually talking to them, including about a previous film with a fan of that film? Check. Arranges a...
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    The Escapist Presents: Destiny Beta's Greatest Hits

    At least for now they appear to be delivering on their promises. I look forward to seeing/playing more in the future.
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    Weekend Watch: Catch up on Summer Premieres like Extant Online

    If you do check out Extant you should lower your expectations as low as they can go, I don't really have standards (I like Falling Skies for crying out loud) but Extant is below my threshold for sustained viewing. The whole thing, from the set design to the overall story, feels like it jumped...
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    Tumblr Convention "Disaster" Unfolds at Illinois' DashCon

    Short answer, yes. Beyond the comedy value there isn't really much added to a conversation about this that hasn't already probably been hashed out a dozen or more times on Timbjr. More significantly though it wasn't apparently a complete waste of time, it was just poorly organised and poorly...
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    The Big Picture: Leave Michael Bay Alone

    As tempting as that is to believe, that people are off the hook for there not being anything good because of all the utter shite, it isn't true. As long as the money is flowing freely, which it sometimes hasn't and to the detriment of all, people who make decisions about what does and does not...
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    Freddie Prinze Jr. Joins Dragon Age: Inquisition Voice Cast

    *ally I liked Vega, and Freddy as a voice actor, it would have been nicer to have had more time to get to know the character prior to... the plot but it was solid. Looking forward to seeing/hearing what he does here.
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    Walking Dead Producer: Piracy's Pushing Content Creators To 'The Precipice'

    Because as we all know budgets are shrinking, jobs in the industry are drying up and television in particular (an ad driven medium in most cases) is slowly collapsing in overall quality.