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    Nintendo Wants Its Cut

    It's funny that you mentioned Two Best Friends Play, because I only found out about them because I was looking up a Nintendo game. Without nintendo's marketing machine promoting a game I wanted to know more about, I would never have found their channels and contributed to their eyeballs count...
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    Your Favorite Game Sucks

    Fox News and the Mass Effect sex scene.
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    A Fanboy's Guide to Fanboying

    I haven't bothered to read the article, yet I find it trite and pretentious.
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    Videogame Industry Worth Over $100 Billion Worldwide

    What you are quoting is not how much those respective companies are worth, but rather their annual revenues. The $100 billion is the combined shareholder value of all video gaming companies, not the annual revenue.
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    Rumor: Activision Doesn't Think Female Leads Can Sell Games

    Here's the thing, Beyond Good and Evil sold very poorly. Just maybe indicating that there is merit to the assumption that female leads cannot sell games. The oft quoted examples in this thread are Metroid, Lara Croft and FF6 and FF13. All being long runners and well established franchises...
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    Rumor: Activision Doesn't Think Female Leads Can Sell Games

    I like how people state Lara Croft and Bayonetta as excellent female boobs lead characters, where if Activision games had similar characters they would be blamed for pandering to the lowest common denominator (not to mention blaming Activision for being sexist while putting Lara Croft on a...
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    US Government Declares iPhone Jailbreaking Legal

    As far as I am reading it correctly, the source document only refers to "wireless telephone handsets" and not all mobile devices. Also, the video game ruling only refers to "video games accessible on personal computers."
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    "Blue Holes" Could Hold Clues to Alien Life

    The density difference between the two layers prevents them from mixing with each other. However each layer is allowed to circulate within itself. This might show it clearer: Also, turbulent re-aeration is much greater than...
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    Blizzard?s Unreal Real ID

    Just like Facebook, if you don't want your personal information on the forums, you don't use the forums. Problem solved.
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    Low Sales Kill Alpha Protocol Sequel

    This can be a good thing. If they decide to release a similar game under a new title, it won't carry the same prejudices that the first one has.
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    Microsoft Twitter-Zings Activision Over PC Gaming

    Activision does have the biggest PC game out there: World of Warcraft, with Starcraft 2 soon to be released.
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    Metacritic: Games Are Getting Better

    However if you look at it from a school grading perspective, then 50% is a failing mark while 70% is indeed the average. The other way to view it is that there are very few games in the 10-30 (or 1-3) range, thus raising the average score anyways.
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    Metacritic: Games Are Getting Better

    I'm going to have to agree with everyone in this thread that the games released this year so far were greatly inferior to the games released last year, which in turn were far more mediocre than the games released in 2008.
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    Kotick Wishes Xbox Live Was More Open

    I'm surprised that people are upset that corporations want to make as much money as possible. If anything, this is the kind of news that shareholders want to hear.
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    260: 1984 Out of 10

    I've never had a problem with the typical 6-10 point scale if I think of it like the school grading system. 50% (5 out of 10) is an outright failure while 70% (7/10) is usually an average grade.